LEGO 2K Drive dev reveals licensed content & DLC plans: "The sky's the limit"

LEGO 2K Drive dev reveals licensed content & DLC plans: "The sky's the limit"
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Lloyd Coombes


23rd Mar 2023 13:00

LEGO 2K Drive has finally been revealed, and it'd be fair to say it's shaping up nicely ahead of its May 19 release date - just check out our hands-on preview to find out why we're excited about it.

The magic of LEGO, though, is just as much about collaboration as it is creativity, and that's got many wondering if there's the potential for licensed crossovers.

We put the question to the game's Executive Producer Mark Pierce, and while he wouldn't get into specifics (here's hoping for some Batman-themed content), he certainly expects plenty of exciting additions.

Will LEGO 2K Drive have licensed vehicles and content?

LEGO 2K Drive McLaren
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LEGO 2K Drive's first licensed vehicles are from McLaren

"We're starting off with McLaren right now," Pierce explains, pointing to the McLaren Solus GT and McLaren F1 LM that are included in the game.

"I meet regularly with LEGO, like every week, at least, and there are some pretty incredible plans I can't talk about now in terms of leveraging that relationship.

"It's been a really close relationship with them, and these McLarens are the first [licensed property].

"For players to be able to create their own creations and then also get licensed kits and modify those as well, the sky's the limit on all that."

LEGO 2K Drive DLC plans revealed

Sticking with the theme of post-launch content, Pierce confirmed a new biome would be added in Summer 2022, as well as a quartet of seasonal passes called Drive Passes.

"There's gonna be four Season Passes coming out, and those will be themed", Pierce explains.

"You alluded to different brands and things like that, and as you can imagine, there's stuff that's happening there.

"There are four biomes in there now, and we're going to have a fifth biome in the Summer", Pierce said.

A press release from 2K confirmed that the additional biome would be included as part of the Awesome Edition and the Awesome Rivals Edition.

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