Is Lotus In Competitive VALORANT?

Is Lotus In Competitive VALORANT?
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Tarran Stockton


18th Jan 2023 14:13

After the recent release of Episode 6 Act I, you may wonder is Lotus in Competitive on VALORANT? VALORANT's latest patch introduced a lot, kicking off the latest episode with the usual battle pass, a new skin bundle, and the Lotus map.

VALORANT has a big focus on Competitive, with many of the design choices made to facilitate this area of the game, so you may wonder how things have changed with this latest patch. So, check out our answer to the question, "is Lotus in Competitive VALORANT?"

Is Lotus In Competitive VALORANT?

Is Lotus In Competitive VALORANT?
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After a short wait, Lotus is now available to play in the Competitive mode on VALORANT. While it's been a frustrating wait for those who enjoy the new map, this is a normal practice for Riot Games. Every new map in VALORANT is given a short period where it has its own queue for players to solely play it, allowing everyone to get used to it before it's placed into the map pool.

Usually, it takes a couple of weeks before the new map's exclusive mode is removed and the map is added to the competitive pool, but things were slightly different this time around.

In the patch notes for VALORANT Episode 6 Act I, Riot stated that "the Lotus-only queue will only be playable in Swiftplay mode for one week, and then goes into the competitive and unrated map rotation in Patch 6.01." Now that the VALORANT Patch 6.01 has been released, players are free to play Lotus in Competitive play.

That's all for our explainer about whether the new Lotus map is in Competitive VALORANT, and now you know the map is available to play to your heart's content.

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