Is Final Fantasy 16 on PS4?

Is Final Fantasy 16 on PS4?
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24th Jun 2023 13:15

More PlayStation fans are wondering if Final Fantasy 16 is on PS4, following the game's successful launch. So, let's get into whether Final Fantasy 16 will ever come to the PlayStation 4 console. 

Is Final Fantasy 16 on PS4?

The Gardua boss in Final Fantasy 16, which is not on PS4
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Unfortunately for some FF16 fans, Final Fantasy 16 is not on PS4 and it looks like it won't ever come to the last-gen console since it's a timed PS5 exclusive. This is because, in terms of system requirements, only the PlayStation 5's level of memory and transfer speed is powerful enough to even run the game. 

This was confirmed in an IGN interview with both Final Fantasy 16 producer, Naoki Yoshida, and combat director, Ryoto Suzuki. Both essentially explain that FF16 utilises the PS5's SSD and large memory to seamlessly jump between the large-scale combat sequences and visually stunning cutscenes without loading times. 

"While you're battling Ifrit and Garuda and having that big battle in the background, the PS5 is loading the next scene,” Yoshida explains. “It's getting ready, so we can seamlessly move into it.”

When referring to the Eikon abilities in these huge fights, Suzuki further clarifies how essential the PS5's technology is to make the game work as it does.

"You are graphically representing the fists and the claws and the wings and all in real time and all in these beautiful graphics and having all of these different options,” Suzuki elaborates. “But to be able to do all of those seamlessly without any low times is possible because of the power of the PlayStation 5.”

As a fantastic way to finish explaining why Final Fantasy 16 isn't on PS4, Suzuki even adds, “If we didn't have the memory that the PlayStation 5 has, and also the transfer speed of the SSD that the PlayStation 5 has, we would still be in development right now”.

So, Final Fantasy 16 can never be on PS4 without massive technological sacrifices - those that would probably detrimentally impact the game as a whole. 

That's all you need to know thanks to our Final Fantasy 16 PS4 guide. 

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