How To Raid In Crusader Kings 3

How To Raid In Crusader Kings 3
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10th Nov 2022 11:08

You will want to know how to raid in Crusader Kings 3 as it's a key way of earning extra gold and harming your neighbours' growth, but you will need to meet some criteria first, as not all rulers can just raid freely. Crusader Kings 3 has a lot of different gameplay options that are locked behind certain religions, cultures, and actions, meaning every playthrough can be massively different. So if you're looking for an explanation of how to raid in Crusader Kings 3 and secure yourself some loot, we've got you covered.  

How To Raid In Crusader Kings 3

How To Raid In Crusader Kings 3
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Before you can raid in Crusader Kings 3, you will need to make sure you are a character that actually can raid. There are three things that grant you the ability to raid: belonging to an Unreformed Pagan religion, being a Tribal Leader, or having the Legacy of Piracy dynasty modifier. 

An Unreformed Pagan religion is just any religion that isn't Abrahamic or Easter in origin, and you can check this by clicking the religion menu at the bottom right. Tribal Leaders are rulers who have the Tribal government system, which is prominent in the 867 start date due to cultures not developing Feudalism. You can check the government type by clicking the green crown logo on the right menu. Lastly, the Legacy of Piracy dynasty modifier is granted to a dynasty for 100 years if they establish the Kingdom of Mann & the Isles.

As long as you meet one of the above criteria, you will be able to conduct raids on nearby provinces. To do this, navigate to the red military icon on the right menu, and at the top of the new window, select 'Raise all as raiders.' This will begin to raise your levies and men-at-arms. Once they have been raised, you can direct them toward a neighbouring province with a holding, and they will begin raiding automatically. 

Raiding an enemy holding will reward you with gold if it is successful, but you will need to move your armies back to your own provinces to add the gold to your own. If the enemy you raided raises an army and defeats you before this, they will take their gold back. Successful raids will also provide negative effects to the province's building construction time, taxes, levies, and development growth. 

If you conduct a raid with an army led by your own character, there is a 30% chance that you can then sack the province after. This will reward you even more gold, prestige, and sometimes slaves, which can increase the development growth of your capital holding. After a raid is conducted, you cannot raid the same province for another five years, and sacked provinces cannot be sacked again for 20 years. 

It's also worth noting that if your character leads your army on 20 successful raids, you then have a chance of getting the Raider trait upon every subsequent raid. This rewards your character with the following benefits: 

  • +2 Martial
  • +3 Prowess
  • +0.3 Monthly Prestige
  • +5 same trait opinion
  • 50% chance to sack a province after leading a raid

That's all for our breakdown of how to raid in Crusader Kings 3, and now you have an idea of how to raid neighbouring provinces for gold and its other benefits.

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