Crusader Kings 3 Chapter 3 roadmap explained

Crusader Kings 3 Chapter 3 roadmap explained
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7th Feb 2024 11:45

It's a new year and thus a new chapter for Crusader Kings 3, and we've already got the outline for Chapter 3 and what new additions to the game you can expect throughout 2024.

Crusader Kings 3 has fully established how new content is delivered to the fans, with each chapter consisting of four different types of DLC packs.

Some make major overhauls to the game with new mechanics, systems, and expansions on existing ones, while others make cosmetic changes and add a little flavour in the way of events or narrative moments.

If you're looking to learn all about what Chapter 3 has to offer this year, check out everything we know so far below.

Chapter 3 price

You can purchase the Chapter 3 bundle now for the price of £38.48/$43.98/€43.98

You'll save a bit of money purchasing the DLCs this way rather than buying them individually over time.

Couture of the Capets

Couture of the Capets is the first DLC of CK3 Chapter 3, and is a cosmetic pack that introduces high fashion styles that draw inspiration from the French royal culture of the High Middle Ages. 

If you buy Chapter 3 now, the pack is unlocked instantly, but you can't purchase it separately. 

Once Chapter 3 is over and the next one is announced, you'll be able to buy it as part of the CK3 collection bundle on Steam, but this will likely be sometime next year.

Legends of the Dead

the Black Death in Crusader Kings 3 Legends of the Dead
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Legends of the Dead is the first Core Expansion of Chapter 3, set to launch on March 4, 2024.

The expansion is all about your family legacy, both material and abstract, giving you greater control over your dynasty through some new systems and expanded mechanics.

Here are the main features included:

  • Legends - Build up the legend of your dynasty with great deeds or by commissioning a history of your family, which can continue through the eras
  • Legendary playstyle - Brand-new decisions and actions that contribute toward the legend of your dynasty
  • Legendary buildings - You'll gain access to new buildings as your legend grows
  • Legendary feasts - Throw one hell of a party as poets and bards wax lyrical about your dynastic achievements and spread the word of your greatness
  • Court Chronicles - A new court position for an official historian of your family
  • Two new Legacies - Heroic dynastic Legacy for the heirs of characters that reach legendary status, and a Legitimacy Legacy to help promote your dynasty as the true rulers of your chosen realm
  • New diseases and mourning - Three new deadly diseases have been added, and you can now honour dead family members with faith-specific funeral rites
  • The Black Death - History's greatest plague can now wreak havoc across the land, transforming the social and political of your realm and the whole continent
  • New art - A brand-new map table, clothing types, unit models, and holding designs

Roads to Power

Roads to Power is the other major DLC of this chapter, and is called a Major Expansion by Paradox.

It's centred around the Byzantine Empire, allowing you to form a new administrative government in Constantinople. It will also feature a number of events and flavour content specific to the region.

Finally, it adds a new playstyle where you can roam the map and become an adventurer.

There's no news on when Roads to Power will release, but we'll keep this roadmap updated with any new info.

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Wandering Nobles

Finally, there is Wandering Nobles. This is an Event Pack set to build on many of the systems added with the Tours & Tournaments expansion from Chapter 2.

It adds a new Travel Lifestyle, new forms of travel, reasons to leave the safety of your realm, and a bunch of events, incidents, and stories related to travelling.

We also have no information on the release date of this pack yet.

Check out our Crusader Kings 3 homepage for more guides. We've also covered the best starts and how to use Debug Mode, and we have a Tours & Tournaments review for those who haven't tried the previous Core Expansion.

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