How Much Money Have I Spent On VALORANT?

How Much Money Have I Spent On VALORANT?
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Tarran Stockton


23rd Jun 2022 13:47

If you've been playing Riot Games's tactical shooter for a while now, you may wonder how much money have I spent on VALORANT? With the battle pass that you can purchase during each act, the different skin bundles that release periodically, and the cracking deals available in the night market, you may have worked up quite a tally of pounds, dollars, euros, or whatever your regional equivalent is. Plus the prospect of flexing on your enemies with finisher animations is always tempting. So if you need to know exactly how much you have spent by checking your VALORANT purchase history, read on.

How Much Money Have I Spent On VALORANT?

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So the process for checking your VALORANT purchase history is quite simple, but we'll run you through the process anyway. Firstly, you will need to head to the official Riot Games support site, which you can find here.

Log in but clicking on the red 'log in' button at the bottom of the website and then connect to your Riot Games account. If you have enabled two-factor authentication, then naturally you will need to go through this process too. 


Once you are logged in, it will return you back to the screen where you can check your VALORANT purchase history, and the log in button will now have changed to say 'get my purchase history.' 

Click the button and it will display your result. At the top it will give you the total amount spent, while below it displays each individual purchase by date and time, payment method, and then amount. Hopefully the amount doesn't make you regret your purchases too much. 

That's all for our breakdown of how to check your VALORANT purchase history, and now you will be able to find out for yourself. 

We also have a breakdown of how to change VALORANT FOV if you don't like the default value. 

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