Best VALORANT Weapons: Stats, Tips and Loadouts

Best VALORANT Weapons: Stats, Tips and Loadouts

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8th Apr 2020 16:05

Want to take stock of your options and get to grips with the VALORANT guns? Our VALORANT guns guide is here to help!

Let’s go over the 17 weapons in VALORANT, and their stats, to help you decide which guns to add to your loadout to secure a victory for your team.

At the very beginning of a match, the player will choose from a gun menu select screen, with 17 to purchase for use in the match. There are six categories of weapon, and we’ll go through all the stats for each individual gun, which are up for purchase during the setup phase before every round from anywhere in each team's respective zone.

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  • Classic – (0 Credits) This semi-auto pistol is the starter weapon, but still does 78 headshot damage up close, so if you can’t yet afford to buy a new gun during the match, and if your accuracy is on point, you can still down enemies with ease. The Classic also has a secondary fire mode, which fires three shots at the same time.
  • Shorty – (200 Credits) – The shorty is basically a double-barrelled shotgun. With only 2 shots, it has a very slow fire rate of 3.3/s, and also doesn’t do a lot of damage, at only 36 headshot at close range (under 9 metres)
  • Frenzy – (400 Credits) – Now we’re getting somewhere. The frenzy is a hybrid pistol-smg, and has a fast fire rate of 10 rounds per second, with outstanding headshot damage at 78 close-range, but still hitting 63 up to 50 metres.
  • Ghost – (500 Credits) – Ghost is a silenced pistol. A slower fire rate but makes up for it with an astounding 105 headshot damage from close range, and still an impressive 88 from 30 up to 50 metres.
  • Sheriff – (800 Credits) – The most expensive side-arm option, and for good reason. For this revolver, even a body shot will do up to 55 damage, and headshots reaching up to 160. Be wary of its slow fire rate of 4 rounds per second though. It boasts 6 bullets in its chamber.


  • Stinger – (1000 Credits) – This fully automatic compact sub-machine gun has a fire-rate of 18 shots per second and averages out at a balanced 25-27 damage for both body and headshots. It features a 20 round mag.
  • Spectre – (1600 Credits) – For just 600 credits more, bag yourself the silenced SMG Spectre for much higher headshot damage (78/66), but similar body and limb damage per bullet to the Stinger. It also has 10 more bullets in the mag, at a nice round 30.


  • Bucky – (900 Credits) – This shotgun has a sluggish fire rate, but the pay-off for close-range headshot damage more than makes up for it, at a mighty 44.
  • Judge – (1500 Credits) – A quicker shot, the Judge must sacrifice damage numbers to be faster. Use those extra quick shots (7 in total) to make up for it. Body damage is a low 17, whereas headshots come in at 34.


  • Bulldog – (2100 Credits) – Coming in at the third-fastest fire rate of all the assault rifles, the Bulldog fires 9.15 rounds a second, and is full-auto. Headshot damage can reach highs of 116 for this 24-round AR.
  • Guardian – (2700 Credits) – The slowest of the rifles is semi-auto Guardian. At only 6.5 rounds per sec, it more than makes up for this with a shocking 195 headshot up to 50 metres. This devastating headshot damage can’t be let off the leash though, as the Guardian only has a 12-round magazine.
  • Phantom – (2900 Credits) – The coolest name by far, the Phantom boasts the fastest fire rate of all the rifles (11 rounds per/s), the largest mag capacity (30), and body shot damage in the 30s for all ranges, with a high of 156 which it shares with the Vandal.
  • Vandal – (2900 Credits) – Sharing almost the same damage stats as the Phantom, the Vandal has an ammo total of 75, with 25 in the clip.


  • Marshal – (1100 Credits) – Both snipers have a 5 round mag capacity, but the Marshal is far cheaper, thanks to its reduced overall damage; 101 body & 202 headshot.
  • Operator – (4500 Credits) – The Operator is the most expensive gun in the entire game, and for good reason. Featuring a 5x zoom, this beast of a sniper can perform at levels up to 255 headshot damage.


  • Ares – (1700 Credits) – This light machine gun is the cheapest option for that extra bit of firepower against the enemy, with a 50 round magazine and 72 headshot damage, it’s a reliable option for spraying down opponents.
  • Odin – (3200 Credits) – Doubling the mag capacity of the Ares, Odin’s 100 shots do 95 headshot damage, and 38 body, allowing you to run through teams like there’s no tomorrow.
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Best Loadouts

Based on the info above, here are our recommendations for the perfect loadouts.

If you’re a player who likes to run ‘n’ gun.

Roll with the Odin for maximum efficiency. Pair that with the Classic pistol or the Frenzy and you’re good to go.

If you’re a player who lurks in the shadows

If you prefer to get the drop on your enemies with class and accuracy, going for the Operator paired with the Ghost will give you those sneaky kills.

If you’re a player who wants to do high damage

Let’s say you want a little more accuracy, with the option to push the opposing team; buy the Phantom rifle or Stinger SMG, and pair that bad boy with a Frenzy for a balanced meal.

If you’re a player who likes to get up close and personal

Grab the Judge shotgun and mix in the Shorty for a powerful duel with the enemy, Wild-West style.


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