Honkai Star Rail Planets: A Full List

Honkai Star Rail Planets: A Full List
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14th Jun 2022 10:42

Honkai Star Rail is an upcoming RPG from the creators of Genshin Impact, HoYoverse. Trading in their fantasy background for a sci-fi setting, Honkai Star Rail promises to place the same importance on characters and exploration as Genshin Impact, with details on explorable worlds already released. To learn more about Honkai Star Rail and which planets have been announced so far, read on.

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Honkai Star Rail Planets

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On the official Honkai Star Rail website, HoYoverse has already released a stream of information on upcoming character releases and glimpses into which worlds will be explorable in this sci-fi adventure. The game is said to feature turn-based combat through a party system, complimenting the RPG narrative of the game.

Of the explorable worlds announced so far in the galaxy, two have been confirmed as Jarilo-VI and the Herta Space Station.

Honkai Star Rail Planets: Jarilo-VI

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Jarilo-VI is described as an icy planet, with its capital city Belobog being the last stronghold of mankind. Within the city lies an underground network of tunnels, which will feature puzzle gameplay for your party to get to grips with. This underground system is named the ‘Underworld’ and is said to feature relics from a past civilisation, adding further mystery to the plot of Honkai Star Rail.

Survival may be an important feature of the game as there has been frequent mention of something named the ‘Eternal Freeze’. That being the aftereffects of an event that plunged the world into a new ice age, making plant cultivation and survival a challenge. With Belobog acting as the only city on Jarilo with temperature control, it is the only inhabitable place on the planet.

Honkai Star Rail Planets: Herta Space Station

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The Herta Space Station is another explorable open area that has been announced by HoYoverse. Described as a place unbeholden to common law, the station is home to the Genius Society’s Herta. The founder of the station, Madame Herta, is something of an elusive figure, who only allows visitors access to certain areas of the station. With her own private gallery inaccessible to anyone but her, she has fostered a legendary reputation over the years. The rest of the station inhabitants are primarily researchers who have dedicated themselves to uncovering the mysteries of the galaxy, away from prying eyes.

Through HoYoverse’s released concept art, the station can be seen to have housed conflict over the years, with some areas of the station having been built in the aftermath of such conflict. The station houses the best medical bay of the age, with research projects carried out along with forward-thinking medical practices.

HoYoverse has released hints that these are just a few of several worlds that will become available. Stay tuned for further details to be announced.


Honkai Star Rail Announcement Trailer

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