Zenless Zone Zero release date, gameplay details, platforms & more

Zenless Zone Zero release date, gameplay details, platforms & more
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Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming free-to-play RPG by HoYoverse, the same developers of the popular game, Genshin Impact, so you may want to know all the gameplay details, platforms, and even the release date.

Adapting the same art style but with an anime-inspired aesthetic, the game is set in a futuristic urban city called New Eridu where the last remaining segments of humanity are split between warring factions. Among these factions rises the player, a Proxy who can travel between Hollows, the spawning point for many of the horrors inflicting the planet.

Do we know the release date for Zenless Zone Zero?

It has now been officially confirmed that Zenless Zone Zero will be released on July 4, 2024, so you won't have too long to wait until you can dive into New Eridu.

While it took a while for something like Genshin Impact to make its way to console, it's fantastic news that you'll be able to play Zenless Zone Zero on all available platforms at the same time.

What platforms will Zenless Zone Zero be on?

  • PC
  • Mobile (Android/iOS)
  • PlayStation 5

There's currently no information regarding an Xbox release though, but I wouldn't hold out hope considering Genshin still hasn't jumped over either.

Are there any trailers so far?

State of Play 2024

The latest trailer for Zenless Zone Zero provides a sneak peek into both the characters and the world of New Eridu. It was first shown during the State of Play presentation in January 2024.

Gamescom 2023

There's also a trailer from Gamescom 2023 that you can check out, giving further details into the fascinating world that you'll find yourself in.

All gameplay details we know so far

Zenless Zone Zero takes place in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a cataclysmic event, where dimensions known as Hollows have spawned monsters to wreak havoc on the population.

Among the ruins, the last city, New Eridu, has become a beacon of hope for citizens. Over time, New Eridu has become corrupt with the population split between warring gangs and factions, fighting over the resources extracted from the Hollows. Amidst the chaos, you play as a Proxy, a hired professional Hollow traveller.

Zenless Zone Zero key art of New Eridu city
Click to enlarge

Like Genshin Impact, we will get to choose between a brother and sister to play as, and the game will operate on a party system, swapping gameplay between a roster of characters. As such, we can expect to see a similar gacha system from previous HoYoverse titles.

All confirmed characters so far

Zenless Zone Zero key art of characters in the Cunning Hares faction
Click to enlarge

HoYoverse has released several characters, listed on the official website. These range from several different factions within the game. Currently, there are four known factions in the game, with the following characters included and more on the way:

Faction Characters
Gentle House AKA Cunning Hares
  • Nekomiya Mana
  • Billy Kid
  • Nicole Demara
  • Anby Demara

Section 6

  • Hoshimi Miyabi
  • Soukaku

Belobog Heavy Industries

  • Ben Bigger
  • Anton Ivanov
  • Koleda Belobog

Victoria Housekeeping Co.

  • Von Lycaon
  • Corin Wickes

We can expect more character and faction releases as the game progresses in development, so stay tuned for further updates and character announcements.

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