Is Honkai Star Rail Open World?

Is Honkai Star Rail Open World?
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Kiera Mills


14th Jun 2022 13:39

Honkai Star Rail has been described as an open-world space RPG from its initial announcement at Summer Game Fest 2022. With people quick to draw comparisons to fellow open-world HoYoverse title Genshin Impact, the question of how open-world the game will remain. Read on for everything we know so far regarding open-world gameplay.

Is Honkai Star Rail Open World?

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With the worldwide success of fantasy RPG Genshin Impact hot on the minds of fans, Honkai Star Rail promises to be another anime style game, invested in recruiting characters to form a party. However, where Genshin Impact is completely open world, so far beta tests have shown that Honkai Star Rail operates slightly differently. Although beta tests do not represent the final product, players have noticed that the game offers open areas for exploration rather than open worlds.


From the information HoYoverse has released so far regarding the explorable planets, for story purposes there are few inhabited towns populating the worlds. Each town have their own map that offers free exploration but is ultimately restricted in scope.

The Herta Space Station base has its own set of maps for different floors, leading to the conclusion that Honkai Star Rail will be more of an open area game rather than open world.  Whilst this may not follow the AAA open world dream of ‘if you can see it, you can explore it’, gameplay is subject to change, with more maps added over time.

  • For more information on the closed betas and how you can sign up for one, read our guide on Honkai Star Rail beta tests.
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