High On Life: How To Get The Secret Ending

High On Life: How To Get The Secret Ending
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Daniel Hollis


21st Dec 2022 17:31

High on Life is absolutely brimming with personality, and its large and loud world is begging you to explore every nook and cranny. With thousands of lines of dialogue, a metroidvania type world to explore, and constant unlockable upgrades, it’s pretty easy to miss something the game has to offer.

Fortunately, the internet is a thing, and with it, you don’t have to miss anything ever again! One of the most hidden things in High on Life is the secret ending, which could potentially tease plans for a sequel. If you want to know how to unlock the secret ending in High on Life, here’s everything you need to do.

How To Unlock The Secret Ending In High On Life

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Firstly, as this is a secret ending, after all, make sure you progress far enough into the game. We found we were able to trigger it after beating the Nipulon bounty. Once this has been done, your next port of call should be to go back to Clugg’s Office - the mayor you meet earlier in the game.

You can visit this by using the teleporter in your house. Go to Nova Sanctus and then Clugg’s Office. Once you arrive here, you’ll notice that the room is empty with Clugg nowhere to be seen. However, if you examine the table you will notice something you can pick up, which is the Human Haven Keycard.

With this, return back to your home and use the teleporter again. This time, you want to go to the Unknown Sector and choose the Human Haven location. Travel through, and you will come to a location where all the humans you’ve saved in the game will be hanging out. For this next part, you will need to do some platforming, which is made easier if you’ve obtained a few jetpack upgrades. If you’re struggling, visit Mr. Keep’s Pawn Shop in Blim City and use your coins to grab some.

With your jetpack in hand, use the platforms above you to begin reaching the top. Keep going until you get past the platform with the red light and you reach the final platform above. You’ll see a keycard reader, which you can use the Human Haven Keycard to enter. Use it and continue forward.

You will now be in the area that triggers the secret ending and reveals why Clegg has disappeared. It’s fairly linear, so follow the corridors forward until you reach a cutscene at the end. Once the cutscene ends, you will have witnessed the secret ending and a portal will open behind you, allowing you to enjoy the rest of High on Life.

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