High On Life Lezduit: How To Unlock, Upgrades, Abilities, And More

High On Life Lezduit: How To Unlock, Upgrades, Abilities, And More
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Daniel Hollis


22nd Dec 2022 17:21

High on Life does a fantastic job of rewarding you with new pieces of equipment as the game goes on. You’ll earn new traversal mechanics, new weapons, and more areas to discover as you uncover more of the world. All of these come at a regular pace, however, Lezduit comes a little later than expected.

If you’re trying to create a full arsenal of weapons and are left wondering how you obtain the Lezduit, you’re not alone. It’s not exactly clear when and how you unlock it, and even when you reach the point of no return, you still won’t have it in your inventory. If you want to learn everything about Lezduit in High on Life, including how to unlock them, here’s everything you need to know.

How To Unlock Lezduit In High On Life 

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As part of the bounty that has you tracking down Dr. Giblets in High on Life, you’ll stumble across a strange weapon being experimented on. After taking down the boss, you’ll pick up this creature as you’re leaving, so don’t worry about missing out on it as it’s a story requirement. 

After this point, you’ll return back to your home and speak to Gene, who will offer to restore the gun to its former glory and tells you to return later. Continue forward with the story, which includes taking down the next bounty known as Nipulon, and then meet with Gene once again. 

The gun, which you handed in before, will now be fixed, but a malfunction has occurred. It only says the word “Lezduit”, hence its name. After a short dialogue sequence, Gene will inform you that continuing onward will be the point of no return and an option to venture forth or continue exploring will appear.

As players haven’t collected Lezduit by this point, it can be confusing as to how you obtain it. You don’t want to risk venturing past the point of no return and miss out, but rest assured, you won’t. In order to obtain Lezduit, all players have to do is accept the point of no return and it will be handed over for the final mission of the game.

What Does Lezduit Do In High On Life?

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Since Lezduit is only available for the final mission, you’d hope it would send everything off with a bang, right? Well, you would be correct in that assumption, as Lezduit in High on Life is an extremely powerful tool that you don’t want to be on the wrong side of.

By simply holding down the fire button, Lezduit will unleash a wave of electricity that will damage all opponents in your sight. Not only that, but it also destroys any potential cover between you and them, so be careful. 

Unlike the other guns, Lezduit runs off charges, beginning at 100%. As you use Lezduit, this will slowly deplete until it's empty, but fear not, it only takes a few seconds before Lezduit is back in action and is functional again. It makes the final mission a bit of a breeze in High on Life, but you’ve earned it at this point, right?

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to take Lezduit into the rest of the game after the final credits, it’s sadly not the case. It’s only available for the final mission only, so be sure to make the most of it while you can. It also has no upgrades or mods to find, so don’t worry about spending any hard-earned cash to build it up.

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