High On Life Human Haven Keycard: Location And What It Does

High On Life Human Haven Keycard: Location And What It Does
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Daniel Hollis


22nd Dec 2022 12:37

High on Life is a fairly linear game, despite its illusions of open environments, but sometimes, the game does offer some hidden paths. A majority of these are easily signposted by visual cues in the environment, but some are a little more hidden and may require you to think outside the box.

If you’ve been visiting past areas in the game, you may have stumbled across the Human Haven Keycard. This peculiar collectible may seem entirely insubstantial at first glance, but as a matter of fact, actually opens up something you won’t want to miss out on. If you want to know everything about the Human Haven Keycard in High on Life - including where to find it - then look no further.

Where To Find The Human Haven Keycard In High On Life

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If this is the first you’ve heard about the Human Haven Keycard in High on Life, then you’re probably wondering just where to find it. The game’s worlds can be fairly huge with plenty to discover, so it may seem like you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack.

If you want to skip the faffing around and get straight to where it is, you’re going to want to revisit Mayor Clugg’s office, and more importantly, after the Nipulon boss fight which is fairly late in the game. You can revisit the office at any time by using the teleporter in your home and visiting Nova Sanctus. It’s here you will find Clugg’s Office.

Once you’ve arrived, the area will look different than it did before with no Clugg in sight. Waltz on over to the desk and you will spot a keycard glistening on the table. Pick it up, and you will now have the Human Haven Keycard. Now, here is where you’ll need to go to use it.

How To Use The Human Haven Keycard

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With the keycard in hand, your next port of call should be to visit the Human Haven. Using the teleporter in your home again, use it to venture to the Unknown Sector and then select the Human Haven. Venture through the transporter and you’ll finally arrive.

Once you’ve touched down, you may notice the area is particularly small, with very little for you to explore. What you’re going to want to do is use your jetpack to venture upwards. You can periodically stop on platforms on the way up to recharge, before eventually reaching the very top. 

Here, you’ll spot a door that is locked but has a keycard slot for you. Use the Human Haven Keycard here and the door will open. What transpires is a secret ending to the game, but don’t worry, you can still go straight back to where you were in High on Life after completing this sequence. Sit back and enjoy the tease for a potential High on Life sequel.

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