All cooking recipes & how to upgrade appliances in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

All cooking recipes & how to upgrade appliances in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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There are plenty of cooking recipes to obtain in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, from Pizza Oven recipes to Dessert recipes. If you want to know every single recipe in the game and how to make them all, you’ve come to the right place.

We will break down how you make every recipe in the game, as well as what appliance you need to use for each recipe so that you aren’t stuck wandering around with ingredients and no idea where to use them. Here are all of the cooking recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, and how to make them with each appliance.

All appliance upgrades in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Gathering Mushrooms in the Spooky Swamp in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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A lot of the recipes will call for different appliances to be used. Not only this, but some require two ingredients, whilst some require three. When this happens, the appliance you are using will need to be upgraded. This is pretty simple, as you just need to raise the friendship level with those who gave you access to the appliance.

Appliance Upgrade Method
Dessert Machine Reach level 13 friendship with Pompompurin
Espresso Machine Reach level 4 friendship with Hangyodon
Oven Reach level 15 friendship with Hello Kitty
Pizza Oven Reach level 9 friendship with Retsuko
Soda Machine Reach level 6 friendship with Pekkle
Candy Cloud Maker Reach level 2 friendship with Lala

All cooking recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Hello Kitty themed room in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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The recipes available are dependent on what appliance you are using. Equally, there are new recipes added to the game every so often, so make sure to check back often for new recipes that you can cook in the game.

All Oven Recipes 

More oven recipes below...
Recipe Ingredients
Almond Pound Cake Flour, Toasted Almond, Candy Cloud
Beignets with Pineapple Dip Flour, Pineapple, Candy Cloud
Cheesecake Flour, Moon Cheese
Chocolate Balls Flour, Chocolate Coin
Chocolate Cheesecake Flour, Moon Cheese, Chocolate Coin
Cinnamon Bread Flour, Magma Bloom or Flour, Cinna Bloom
Cinnamon Roll Flour, Candy Cloud, Magma Bloom or Cinna Bloom
Fruity Cheesecake Flour, Moon Cheese, Starfruit or Banana or Pineapple or Apple
More oven recipes below...
Recipe Ingredients
Mama's Apple Pie Flour, Apple
Milk Bread Flour, Coral Milk
Pastry Flour, Candy Cloud
Pineapple Stack Cake Flour, Pineapple
Pumpkin Cheesecake Flour, Moon Cheese, Pumpkin
Pumpkin Pie Flour, Pumpkin
Purple Cheesecake Flour, Moon Cheese, Spinip
Red Bow Apple Pie Flour, Apple, Magma Bloom
Sakura Cake Flour, Sakura
Here are the final oven recipes below...
Recipe Ingredients
Sakura Cheesecake Flour, Moon Cheese, Sakura
Spiced Cheesecake Flour, Moon Cheese, Cinna Bloom or Magma Bloom
Spooky Cake Flour, Swampmallow, Pumpkin
Strawberry Almond Galette Flour, Strawberry, Toasted Almond
Strawberry Cheesecake Flour, Moon Cheese, Strawberry
Strawberry Shortcake Flour, Strawberry
Sugarkelp Cakes Flour, Sugarkelp
Tofu Bread Flour, Tofu
Recipe Ingredient
Turtle Cheesecake Flour, Moon Cheese, Toasted Almonds
Veggie Bread Flour, Spinip
Volcano Cake Flour, Chocolate Coin, Magma Bloom

All Pizza Oven Recipes

Keep reading for more Pizza Oven Recipes...
Recipe Ingredients
Alfredo Pizza Dough, Coral Milk
Dessert Pizza Dough, Sugarkelp or Candy Cloud or Swampmallow
Everything Pizza Dough, Spinip, Tofu
Fruit Pizza Dough, Strawberry or Apple or Banana
Pineapple Pizza Dough, Pineapple
Pizza Dough, Chocolate Coin or Sakura
Quattro Fromaggio Pizza Dough, Moon Cheese, Coral Milk
Spicy Pizza Dough, Cinna Bloom or Magma Bloom
Spinip Alfredo Pizza Dough, Spinip, Coral Milk
Recipe Ingredients
Three Cheese Pizza Dough, Moon Cheese
Tasty Pizza Dough, Toasted Almond
Tofu Pizza Dough, Tofu
Ultimate Joke Pizza Dough, Pineapple, Tofu
Veggie Pizza Dough, Pumpkin or Spinip

All Dessert Maker recipes

Here are more Dessert Maker recipes...
Recipes Ingredients
Apple Ice Cream Cactus Cream, Apple
Banana Ice Cream Cactus Cream, Banana
Banana Shake Cactus Cream, Snowcicle, Banana
Boulder Bits Ice Cream Cactus Cream, Chocolate Coin, Swampmallow
Cheese Ice Cream Cactus Cream, Moon Cheese
Chocolate Ice Cream Cactus Cream, Chocolate Coin
Chocolate Pineapple Pudding Cactus Cream, Pineapple, Chocolate Coin
Chocolate Shake Cactus Cream, Snowcicle, Chocolate Coin
Cinna Ice Cream Cactus Cream, Cinna Bloom
Check out the rest of our Dessert Maker recipes below...
Recipe Ingredients
Magma Pudding Cactus Cream, Magma Bloom
Mama's Pudding Cactus Cream, Coral Milk, Banana
Pink Clouds Ice Cream Cactus Cream, Candy Cloud, Sakura
Pudding Cactus Cream, Coral Milk
Pumpkin Pudding Cactus Cream, Pumpkin
Purple Pudding Cactus Cream, Spinip
Sakura Pudding Cactus Cream, Sakura
Starry Skies Shake Cactus Cream, Snowcicle, Starfruit
Strawberry Ice Cream Cactus Cream, Strawberry
Recipe Ingredients
Strawberry Shake Cactus Cream, Snowcicle, Strawberry
Sweet Pudding Cactus Cream, Candy Cloud or Sugarkelp or Swampmallow
Tofu Pudding Cactus Cream, Tofu
Vanilla Shake Cactus Cream, Snowcicle

All Soda Machine Recipe

Keep reading for more Soda Machine recipes...
Recipe Ingredients
Apple Soda Fizzy Crystal, Apple
Banana Soda Fizzy Crystal, Banana
Cream Soda Fizzy Crystal, Coral Milk
Fiery Soda Cizzy Crystal, Cinna Bloom or Magma Bloom or Toasted Almond
Joke Soda Fizzy Crystal, Tofu
Pineapple Lava Soda Fizzy Crystal, Pineapple, Magma Bloom
Pochacco Energy Pop Fizzy Crystal, Tofu, Spinip
Pumpkin Spice Soda Fizzy Crystal, Cinna Bloom, Pumpkin
Sakura Soda Fizzy Crystal, Sakura
Recipe Ingredients
Strawberry Soda Fizzy Crystal, Strawberry
Surprising Soda Fizzy Crystal, Spinip, Toasted Almond
Swampy Soda Fizzy Crystal, Pumpkin or Spinip
Sweet Soda Fizzy Crystal, Candy Cloud or Swampmallow or Sugarkelp
Tropical Soda Fizzy Crystal, Pineapple

All Espresso Machine Recipes

Here are more Espresso Maker recipes below...
Recipe Ingredients
Candied Banana Coffee Candlenut, Banana, Candy Cloud
Cappucino Candle, Coral Milk
Chai Candlenut, Magma Bloom or Cinna Bloom
Chocolate Chai Candlenut, Chocolate Coin, Magma Bloom or Cinna Bloom
Confusing Coffee Candlenut, Moon Cheese
Frappe Candlenut, Snowcicle
Hot Cocoa Candlenut, Chocolate Coin, Coral Milk
Mocha Candlenut, Chocolate Coin
Molten Frappe Candlenut, Snowcicle, Magma Bloom
Recipe Ingredients
Pink Latte Candlenut, Strawberry or Sakura
Purple Latte Candlenut, Spinip
Sakura Frappe Candlenut, Snowcicle, Sakura
Spicy Pumpkin Latte Candlenut, Pumpkin, Cinna Bloom
Sweet Latte Candlenut, Sugarkelp or Candy Cloud, or Swampmallow
Toasted Almond Coffee Candlenut, Toasted Almond

All Potion Maker recipes

Recipe Ingredients
Deep Diving Potion Glow Berry, Sugarkelp
Speedy Swimming Potion Glow Berry, Swampmallow
Speedy Walking Potion Glow Berry, Tofu
Stamina Recharge Potion Glow Berry, Apple
Thermal Potion Glow Berry, Magma Bloom

All Cloud Candy Maker Recipes

Recipes Ingredients
Cheese Cloud Candy Cloud, Moon Cheese
Fall Cloud Candy Cloud, Pumpkin
Fruity Cloud Candy Cloud, Banana or Apple or Starfruit
Pink Cloud Candy Cloud, Sakura or Strawberry
Spiced Cloud Candy Cloud, Magma Bloom or Cinna Bloom
Sweet Cloud Candy Cloud, Swampmallow or Sugarkelp
Toasted Marshmallow Cloud Candy Cloud, Toasted Almond, Swampmallow
Tropical Cloud Candy Cloud, Pineapple

These are all of the current recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure at the moment. Make sure to check back regularly so you aren’t missing out on any of the latest recipes.

For more guides on this game, check out our Hello Kitty Island Adventure homepage, or our guide on how to fast travel, so you don’t have to walk all around Hello Kitty Island.

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