Helldivers 2: Release date, gameplay details, trailers & more

Helldivers 2: Release date, gameplay details, trailers & more
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Helldivers 2 is an upcoming third-person squad-based shooter from Arrowhead Game Studios and PlayStation. We've got all the info you need to know about Helldivers 2's release date, as well as gameplay details so you know what the game's all about.

Players will step into the boots of the Helldivers and fight against a growing alien threat using all kinds of weaponry. If you're looking for a new co-op shooter to get stuck into, this might be worth keeping on your radar. So without further ado, here's everything you need to know about Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2: Release date & platforms

A rocket from Helldivers 2.
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Helldivers 2 will release on February 8th, 2024. The game is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC platforms, but is available for pre-order now.

The game was debuted at Sony's State of Play in May 2023. it's a sequel to the original Helldivers game from 2015, which was released on PS3, PS4 and Vita.

Helldivers 2: Gameplay details

Players in the snow in Helldivers 2.
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Helldivers 2 is a third-person co-op shooter set in a sci-fi world. You play as a Helldiver, a peacekeeper in a galactic war. Your job is to defend your planet from an invasion of deadly alien creatures.

Luckily, you'll be equipped with a wide range of tools to take them down, including heavy guns, bombs, mines, turrets and more. You can even call in airstrikes and upgrade your ship to unlock new tools to use in combat.

Helldivers 2 is a co-op game, so you can work together with friends to fight the aliens. However, friendly fire is always on, so you need to make sure you're not accidentally hurting your allies. Communication will be important in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2: Trailers

Helldivers 2 currently has various trailers for you to check out, including the one above. Here you can see the game's co-op gameplay in action.

It shows a look at the game's weapon types, as well as some of the enemies you'll be fighting and the locations you'll be visiting. Definitely give it a look if you're interested in the game.

That's it for our Helldivers 2 release guide. For more Helldivers 2, keep reading GGRecon. Or check out some info about more upcoming games here.

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