Every title in Helldivers 2 & how to get them

Every title in Helldivers 2 & how to get them
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Morgan Truder

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3rd Apr 2024 16:15

As you continue to bring democracy to the universe and conquer other planets, you will earn new titles in Helldivers 2 to equip. Your title will appear by your name and is a great way to indicate to other players just how dedicated you are to the downfall of both the Terminides and Automatons. 

Below, you'll find details on every single title in the game, as well as how you can earn them for yourself so you can adorn a fresh new title and showcase your rank.

All titles and how to earn them

Including the Super Citizen title earned by buying the Super Citizen Edition of the game, there are 22 titles in total, with most of them corresponding to your level. You can check them all out below:

Title How to earn
Super Citizen Exclusive to Helldiver 2 Super Citizen Edition
Cadet Default Title
Space Cadet Unlocked at level 5
Sergeant Unlocked at level 10
Chief Unlocked at level 20
Space Chief Prime Unlocked at level 25
Death Captain Unlocked at level 30
Marshall Unlocked at level 35
Star Marshall Unlocked at level 40
Admiral Unlocked at level 45
Skull Admiral
Unlocked at level 50
Fleet Admiral Unlocked at level 60
Admirable Admiral Unlocked at level 70
Commander Unlocked at level 80
Galactic Commander Unlocked at level 90
Hell Commander Unlocked at level 100
General Unlocked at level 110
5-Star General Unlocked at level 120
10-Star General Unlocked at level 130
Private Unlocked at level 140
Super Private Unlocked at level 150

Helldivers 2 title screen
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I was chuffed to hit the original max level and grab the title, but as of patch 1.000.200, the level was raised all the way to 150, meaning many of us have more work to do.

It's likely that more titles will be added again if the max level is raised further in the future, or if the devs add extra ways to get them. I'll make sure to keep this guide updated with the latest information.

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