Halo Infinite Rockstar Rewards: How To Get Nocturne Sky

Halo Infinite Rockstar Rewards: How To Get Nocturne Sky
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22nd Nov 2021 14:53

The Halo Infinite Rockstar rewards are the cumulation of an epic collaboration between the iconic energy drink brand and Halo Infinite. Halo fans that purchase Rockstar Energy drinks can redeem special codes to receive limited-edition and exclusive in-game items. This guide will cover all of the Halo Infinite Rockstar rewards — like the Halo Infinite Nocturne Sky skins — and how to redeem them.

Halo Infinite Rockstar Energy Promo Explained

Just recently, Microsoft announced that Xbox and Rockstar Energy have partnered up to create some collector's edition Halo Infinite cans. Each can comes with a code that can be redeemed for in-game Halo Infinite multiplayer rewards and a chance at some amazing out-of-game rewards.

Each can is designed with the custom art of one of five artists handpicked by Xbox and Rockstar. These limited-edition cans can be purchased at a store near you or online on Amazon. 

The five Rockstar Energy flavours that will receive a Halo Infinite rework are Original, Sugar-Free, Fruit Punch, Silver Ice, and Blackberry Goji. Collectors out there will want to keep in mind that Blackberry Goji is only available in the U.S. 

This promotion will run until December 8 when the Halo Infinite campaign goes live on Xbox consoles and PC, so you have a few weeks to get out there and secure some Halo Infinite Rockstar Energy rewards.

Halo Infinite Rockstar Rewards

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Below is the list of in-game rewards Halo Infinite players can earn by redeeming the codes found on collector's edition cans of Rockstar Energy:

  • Code 1: Power Bundle - 2XP + 2 swaps
  • Code 2: MA40 Bundle - Nocturne Sky Weapon Coating + 2XP
  • Code 3: Power Bundle - 2XP + 2 swaps
  • Code 4: Warthog Bundle - Nocturne Sky Vehicle Coating + 2XP
  • Code 5: Power Bundle - 2XP + 2 Swaps
  • Code 6: Emblem Bundle - Emblem + 2XP
  • Codes 7-120: 2XP + 2 Swaps
  • Circle K Code 1: Nocturne Sky Razorback Coating + 5 swaps
  • Circle K Code 2+: Challenge Bundle 5 swaps
  • Amazon Code 1+: Challenge Bundle 3 swaps

Each code you enter will unlock a different set of rewards and these rewards unlock in the listed order. For example, the first code you enter will award you the Power Bundle. The next code will unlock the MA40 Bundle with the exclusive black and gold Rockstar Nocturne Sky Weapon Coating. You will need to redeem at least seven codes to unlock all of the standard Rockstar Energy rewards. You can redeem a maximum of 120 codes.

Circle K codes are only available via Rockstar Energy cans purchased at a Circle K gas station. Likewise, cans purchased from Amazon come with their own unique codes as well. You may redeem as many of these Circle K and Amazon codes as you want, but your bonus rewards will be limited to challenge swaps.

Halo Infinite Rockstar Daily And Grand Prizes

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Along with the in-game rewards, anyone that redeems one of these Rockstar Energy codes on Halo Infinite will be eligible to win special daily prizes and the ultimate grand prize. 

Every day, Rockstar will be handing out digital copies of Halo Infinite to twenty lucky winners. Additionally, one fortunate individual will win an Xbox bundle including an Xbox Series X console, Halo Infinite game, Razer Raptor 27” Monitor, and a Razer Kaira Pro Halo Infinite headset.

Finally, at the conclusion of the promotion, one participant will come away with the ultimate grand prize — a custom Halo Infinite Jeep Gladiator.

How To Redeem Halo Infinite Rockstar Energy Rewards

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  1. Enter codes from Rockstar Energy limited-edition Halo Infinite cans at halo.rockstarenergy.com. If done correctly, you will receive a new code that houses your rewards.

  2. Redeem your Rockstar energy rewards at HaloWaypoint.com/redeem. Make sure you log in to your Microsoft account beforehand.

  3. Once you sign in with your Microsoft account and redeem a code, the content will be added to your library and available in-game.

That's about all there is to know about the Halo Infinite Rockstar rewards. Remember, this promotion ends on December 8, so head to your local store and grab a case of some Rockstar Energy if you hope to be one of the select few with the exclusive black and gold Nocturne Sky coatings.


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