Halo Infinite Grenades List: How To Use Each Grenade

Halo Infinite Grenades List: How To Use Each Grenade
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The Halo Infinite grenades are one of the key parts of the game once again. They're a classic aspect of the Halo series, and in this entry there are more than ever to get to grips with. The grenades are still fairly self-explanatory, but with a few differences between them, it's worth noting what they are. So, if you want to master the Halo Infinite grenades and plague the battlefield with explosions, this is the guide for you.

Halo Infinite Grenades Explained 

Firstly, every time you spawn in multiplayer, you will have two of the default Frag grenades. You can loot more off the bodies of Spartan enemies and friendlies, and find more in certain pick-up spots around the maps. 

By default, you throw a grenade with the G key on keyboard, and the LB/L1 button on your controller of choice. You can also switch between grenades - of which you can hold two types - by pressing the B and N keys on keyboard, and the left D-Pad on controller. As grenade usage is a key aspect of Halo multiplayer, you'll always want a grenade to use. Mastering where to find them and how to best employ them is imperative to being the best Spartan on the battlefield, so read on for what separates each grenade.

Halo Infinite Grenades: Frag Grenade

Halo Infinite Grenades frag
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The frag grenade is the default Halo grenade, and has been since the days of Combat Evolved, over 20 years ago. In the Halo lore, it's the standard issue grenade for the UNSC forces and Spartans, and deals kinetic damage, making it very effective against unshielded opponents. Once thrown, they can bounce off walls and floors quite easily, making them travel further before exploding. This also makes them great for clearing rooms from angles where you can't see inside.

Halo Infinite Grenades: Plasma Grenade

Halo Infinite Grenades plasma
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The first of the non-default grenades, the plasma grenade is another long-time Halo favourite. It's used primarily by the Covenant forces like Elites and Grunts, but others can make effective use of them too. They can be found in various spots around the maps, and their best feature is that they stick to enemies, which kills them instantly after an explosion. They won't typically stick to other surfaces, bouncing off them instead, but with less force than the frag grenade. 

Halo Infinite Grenades: Spike Grenade

Halo Infinite Grenades spike
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The spike grenade is another sticky grenade, but this one actually sticks to any surface in the game, and the first time too. You can also find this littered across various maps, and in the Halo universe it's typically employed in combat by the Brutes. When it explodes, it fires out a series of spikes that ricochet around and pierce through enemies, which makes the spike grenade devastating for a team in close quarters. It deals less damage than the plasma grenade, but makes up for it with its versatility.

Halo Infinite Grenades: Dynamo Grenade

Halo Infinite Grenades dynamo
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The last grenade is the dynamo, or shock, grenade. Unlike most of the grenades on this list, these one don't actually explode. Once thrown near an enemy, it causes persistent electric damage, which can also arc toward other enemies. This makes it perfect for quickly disabling enemy shields in closed spaces, allowing you to follow-up with the headshot. Dynamo grenades can also be used as EMPs on vehicles, disabling them and making them useless for the enemies inside.

These are all the Halo Infinite grenades, and you should now be familiar with any that you pick up. For more information on the newest aspects of Infinite, we have a guide on the Halo Infinite maps, and don't forget to check out our rundown of the best Halo Infinite weapons.


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