How to find the Fragmentation Loot Cave in Halo Infinite

How to find the Fragmentation Loot Cave in Halo Infinite
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Halo Infinite loot caves presented a big mystery early in the game's life, but after experiencing the shooter for a while, we know a lot about them. In Halo Infinite, these can be found on one of the Big Team Battle maps, and there are hints that other maps may have some currently undiscovered loot caves too.

They can be vital to turning the tide of battle thanks to the numerous weapons found inside them, and it reward players that prioritize map control. So, if you want to know how to access the Halo Infinite loot caves and what treasures lie inside, then read on.

Where is the Fragmentation Loot Cave?

Halo Infinite Loot Caves hacking door
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Of the ten current maps in the game, only one seems to overtly house a Loot Cave. This is one of the Big Team Battle maps, called Fragmentation, which is set within a canyon that contains a base at either end. It's one of the biggest maps in the game, and there are two Loot Caves - placed at opposite ends of the map, built into the canyon walls. 

The Loot Cave doors stand out amongst the natural greens and browns of the map, harboring that classic ancient sci-fi look that Halo is known for. This means they're nearly impossible to miss, and the doors give off a red hue when they're locked, making them even easier to spot.

If you approach the doors, you should find a console positioned to the side which can be interacted with. Once you do so, your little AI companion - a new addition to Halo Infinite multiplayer - will begin to hack the locked door. The hack takes a total of 20 seconds, so you'll want to look out for enemies, and bringing some friends will also make the process a lot easier. After the hack is finished, the door will change from red to blue and open up, allowing you inside. 

What's inside the loot cave?

The Loot Cave is full of treasures that will make whatever game mode you are playing easier. There are various grenades and equipment across the floor, a powerup which will either be an Overshield or Active Camo, and a power weapon spawn which could be a number of things due to somewhat randomised weapon spawns in multiplayer. 

Once inside, the door will lock behind you so no one else can enter, and a different door will open leading you back outside - though at a vantage point that overlooks a good chunk of the map. The Loot Cave locks for two minutes once left, so if you do die or lose your weapons, then you can go back for another go. If you play your cards right with the Loot Caves, an entire squad can come out of them with enough firepower to keep the game in your favor.

At the moment, there doesn't seem to be any other Loot Caves in the game, but the Bazaar map does have some interactive keypads that seem to indicate another secret stash that can be found. This still hasn't been discovered, even after the launch of the game.

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