All Gloomwood safe codes to unlock safes in-game

All Gloomwood safe codes to unlock safes in-game
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20th Nov 2023 07:03

If you've found some safes in Gloomwood but you're not sure how to open them, you'll want to check out our list of Gloomwood safe codes.

Gloomwood is a stealth horror FPS set in a mysterious Victorian setting. You can explore an intricate city and wield a variety of weapons to deal with whatever's lurking in the dark streets.

These codes can be used to unlock different safes within the game. Each safe has its own code, and I'm here to help if you're not sure what those codes are. Additionally, we've got a full walkthrough on how to use these codes and interact with the safes.

All Gloomwood safe codes

Here's our full list of all the Gloomwood safe codes that we know of:

Safe Location


Factory safe


Sea Cave safe


These codes will give you access to particular safes in different locations in the game. For example, you can use the code for the Factory safe to unlock it in that area of the game. If we find more safe codes we'll be sure to add them to the list above!

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How to redeem Gloomwood safe codes

Gloomwood Safe Codes
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Of course, what use are codes if you don't know how to open the safes? Make sure to follow the steps below if you want to get access to all the free loot inside:

  • Launch the game
  • Find a safe
  • Interact with the dial on the front
  • Input the correct code and interact again to open it

That rounds off our full list of Gloomwood safe codes. You'll now have all the info you need to know about accessing safes in the game.

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