Ghostwire Tokyo Spider's Thread Update: Release date, new content & more

Ghostwire Tokyo Spider's Thread Update: Release date, new content & more
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Dave McAdam


16th Mar 2023 14:01

The Ghostwire Tokyo Spider's Thread update looks to bring more content to the haunted streets of Tokyo, and bring players back for more spooky fun. Ghostwire Tokyo is nearing a year old, but it seems that developer Tango Softworks is not done with it yet.

The Spider's Thread update brings in a new mode, new areas to explore, and much more. Here is everything you need to know about the Ghostwire Tokyo Spider's Thread update.

Ghostwire Tokyo Spider's Thread: Release date

Ghostwire Tokyo Spider's Thread update: A cat in a kimono, waving in front of an upside-down Tokyo
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Fans looking for some more Ghostwire Tokyo in their lives do not have long at all to wait. The Spider's Thread update brings all this new content to the game on April 12. This update is a free addition, so no need to worry about how much it is, or different editions.

The update comes to the current versions of the game available on PlayStation 5 and PC, but also coincides with the launch of the game on Xbox consoles. In fact, April 12 is also the day that Ghostwire Tokyo comes to Xbox Game Pass, both on Xbox consoles and on PC.

Ghostwire Tokyo Spider's Thread: New content

Ghostwire Tokyo Spider's Thread update: An art room in the new middle school area
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There is a pile of new stuff for returning fans to check out when they play the game after the Spider's Thread update. First of all, there is a brand-new game mode called The Spider's Thread. This is a combat challenge, where players can fight their way through a thirty-stage gauntlet.

As you progress, you will earn upgrades that boost your power. You are not likely to make it all the way to the end on your first attempt, but when you are defeated, you retain some of the upgrades you earned for your future runs. This all adds up to a rogue-lite mode that is undoubtedly going to hook some players in for hours.

For fans who prefer some more story content, you get that too. The update adds new areas, such as a haunted middle school. New missions send you to these new areas, and extended cutscenes give you even more from the characters in the game.

This comes in tandem with gameplay changes, with new abilities and powers coming your way. Counter-attacks, quick dodges, and even new spirit powers will expand the way you play the game. This is all welcome, as there are also new enemies to deal with. These new evil spirits are called Retribution, Silent Gaze (which is invisible, by the way), and the Sanguine Dancer.

There are even more additions promised for the game, including an expanded photo mode. More still that we don't yet know about, so for sure this will be a great time for existing fans to return, and for new fans to try the game out.

That is it for the Ghostwire Tokyo Spider's Thread update. For more on the game, check out our Ghostwire Tokyo review.

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