Genshin Impact Banners List: All Past, Current, And Upcoming Banners

Genshin Impact Banners List: All Past, Current, And Upcoming Banners
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Genshin Impact banners operate on a gacha system which allows players to trade both in-game and real currency on wishes. These wishes in Genshin Impact can then be used on character banners in the hopes of having your favourite character join your game. Past banners also recirculate, usually on an annual basis so don’t despair if your favourite character has been and gone already. To learn about the current, upcoming and past Genshin Impact banners, read on.

How To Buy Genshin Impact Banners

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Banners in Genshin Impact tend to coincide with new game patches, with two banners usually released one after another before the new patch is made available. Each character banner hosts a group of four-star characters and one five-star character, which is the rarest to acquire and usually unique to the banner. Weapon banners are also a frequent drop alongside the character ones, giving players a chance to spend currency on rare weapons for their games, these are called Epitome Invocations.

The purchase system can be a tad convoluted with a few different currencies to distinguish between. To ‘wish’ on a banner, you’ll have to use Intertwined Fates which can be either purchased with real money or with the in-game currency, Primogems.

Genshin Impact Banners: Current Banners

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The Heron’s Court is the current banner (available since April 19, 2022), featuring Rosaria, Sayu and Razor as the four-star characters available, and Kamisato Ayaka as the rare five-star drop. With the next 2.7 patch being delayed for an unspecified time, The Heron’s Court availably dates have been extended and drop rates increased with five-star and four-star characters having a 50% drop rate respectively. Although we don’t know the date of the next banners yet, rumours have indicated what we might expect.

As for the Epitome Invocation weapon banner, the potential items included are: Mistsplitter Reforged (five-star), The Unforged (five-star), Favonius Sword, Favonius Lance, Favonius Codex, Favonius Warbow and The Bell.

Genshin Impact Banners: Upcoming Banners

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The latest 2.7 update has been announced and named as the 'Hidden Dreams in the Depths' patch. The update will roll out on May 31, take 6 hours to implement and is scheduled to be available for 6 weeks (with version 2.8 coming on July 13). This highly anticipated update will introduce two character banners, Yelan and Kuki Shinobu. Yelan is a fast-paced bow wielder with Hydro Talents and a taste for mystery. With her backstory remaining secret for now, she works for a secret service agency.

Kuki Shinobu is a melee character with Electro Talents. She belongs to the Arataki Gang but is well-travelled with links to Yanfei and the Shrine Maidens of Narukami. She can harness powerful restorative powers that increase the HP of party members. She will be a four-star character and Yelan is the five-star character banner available with this patch.


  • For a full rundown of everything included in the 2.7 update, including specific character Talents, read our guide on the Genshin Impact 2.7 update.

Genshin Impact Banners: Past Banners

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Hoping for a banner to return, and increase your chance of getting a favourite character? Here are the most recent character banners Genshin Impact has featured, the first in each list being the five-star character, with four-star characters following:

Ballad in Goblets (2.6 update) – Venti, Sucrose, Xiangling and Yun Jin.

Azure Excursion (2.6 update) – Kamisato Ayato, Sucrose, Xiangling and Yun Jin.

Drifting Luminescence (2.5 update) – Kokomi, Bennett, Xinyan and Kujou Sara.

Reign of Serenity (2.5 update) - Kujou Sara, Bennett, Xinyan and Kujou Sara

Everbloom Violet (2.5 update) – Yae Miko, Thoma, Fischl and Diona.

Adrift in the Harbor (2.4 update) – Ganyu, Xingqiu, Beidou and Yanfei.

Gentry Of Hermitage (2.4 update) – Zhongli, Xingqiu Beidou and Yanfei.

Invitation To Mundane Life (2.4 update) – Xiao, Chongyun, Ningguang and Yung Jin.

The Transcendent One Returns (2.4 update) – Shenhe, Chongyun, Ningguang and Yung Jin.

Oni's Royale (2.3 update) – Arataki Itto, Gorou, Xiangling and Barbara.

Secretum Secretorum (2.3 update) – Albedo, Bennett, Noelle and Rosaria.

Born Of Ocean Swell (2.3 update) – Eula, Bennett, Noelle and Rosaria.


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