Fortnite Zero Build Arena: Scoring, Loot Pool Adjustments, Rewards

Fortnite Zero Build Arena: Scoring, Loot Pool Adjustments, Rewards
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Coleman Hamstead


14th Jul 2022 11:43

No-build fanatics can finally scratch that competitive itch in Fortnite Zero Build Arena. The popular Zero Build game mode is now available in Fortnite's signature competitive ruleset. Grab some friends, climb the leagues, and earn rewards in Fortnite Zero Build Arena.

Fortnite Zero Build Arena Overview

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Fortnite Zero Build Trios is finally here — available for a limited time from July 12 to August 30, 2022. Fill is enabled too, so you can join in on the action even if you don't have a party of three ready off the rip.

Zero Build Trios is the first implementation of a Zero Build Arena playlist in Fortnite. There's not yet word on if or when we can expect a Zero Build Solo, Duos, and/or Squads playlist(s).


While there are some notable differences between Zero Build Arena and regular Arena, the two game modes share the same basic ruleset. For example, Siphon, Storm Surge, and Bus Fares all exist in Zero Build Arena.

Divisions, Leagues, and Hype Points in Zero Build Arena work identically to standard Arena. However, Zero Build Arena and traditional Arena Hype are tracked on separate leaderboards, allowing observers to differentiate between the best of the best in each mode. 

Fortnite Zero Build Arena: Loot Pool Adjustments

Fortnite Zero Build Arena features select items not available in the standard Arena playlists. For example, you'll encounter Heavy Snipers, Shockwave Grenades, Port-A-Forts, and more in Zero Build Arena. Fortnite plays out radically different depending on whether building is enabled or not, so it's only right that the loot pool changes based on which version of Fortnite you're engaging in.

Fortnite Zero Build Arena Rewards

Recently, Epic Games introduced Fortnite Arena rewards into the traditional Arena playlists. Zero Build fans will be happy to find out that Fortnite Zero Build Arena comes with its own set of exclusive rewards. 

There are three Fortnite Zero Build Arena rewards in total. Players will receive a reward after reaching 400 Hype, Contender League, and Champion League.

The Fortnite Zero Build Arena rewards are as follows:

  • Drippy Drift Spray: 400 Hype
  • GGG Emoticon - Contender League
  • GOATICON Emoticon - Champion League

Fortnite Zero Build Arena: The Future Of Fortnite Zero Build

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While Fortnite Zero Build Arena is advertised as a limited-time fixture, the future is bright for Fortnite Zero Build overall.

So far, Zero Build has been immensely popular, rejuvenating interest in Fortnite from players that had previously come and gone. Fortnite continues to focus on Zero Build, as seen with the introduction of all sorts of Zero Build events, Cash Cups, and LAN tournaments.

You may remember that originally, back in Chapter 3 Season 2, the whole concept of a no-building mode was promoted as limited-time as well. That changed quickly, though, as casual and diehard players alike commended Epic Games for offering a nostalgic experience reminiscent of Fortnite's early days. 

If Fortnite Zero Build Arena's reception is anything like when Fortnite Zero Build was initially released, expect Zero Build Arena to become a permanent fixture sometime in the near future.

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