Fortnite x Futurama: Release date, skins & more

Fortnite x Futurama: Release date, skins & more
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Coleman Hamstead


26th Jul 2023 13:58


Embrace Hypnotoad in a brand-new crossover between Fortnite and Futurama. Fry and the gang have found their way to the Island, and now you can hop into a match within the Battle Royale as these classic characters!

Regardless of who you're most excited to see, we've got all the fine details of the Fortnite x Futurama crossover below, including its release date, all the different cosmetics, and a look at the new weapon available to utilise in the game - so let's get into everything we know.

Fortnite x Futurama release date


On July 26, 2023, look for a few household names from Futurama to crash the Planet Express Ship into MEGA City as part of a new collaboration between Fortnite and Futurama.

Fortnite x Futurama: Skins & accessory cosmetics

screenshot showing the fortnite x futurama skins in the store
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Headlining the Fortnite x Futurama crossover are three iconic characters from Futurama, with players able to grab skins of Philip J. Fry, Turanga Leela, and Bender Bending Rodriguez in the Item Shop. Each Outfit comes with a Selectable Style and a Back Bling.

But that's not all! The Item Shop also offers a Futurama Gear Bundle containing the Planet Express Ship Glider, Solid Gold Fiddle Pickaxe, Giant Nutcracker Pickaxe, Unbendable Girder Pickaxe, and Zoidberg Scuttle Emote. 

To get the skins, simply visit the Item Shop to preview the selection of Fortnite x Futurama goodies. The Outfits cost 1,500 V-Bucks each, but you can grab the trio for 2,800 V-Bucks in the Futurama Bundle.

As for the accessories, the Pickaxes and Glider cost 800 V-Bucks each, while the Zoidberg Scuttle Emote is listed at 500 V-Bucks. However, like the skins, you can get everything in the Futurama Gear Bundle for 1,800 V-Bucks.

Fortnite x Futurama: Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun

a new mythic weapon from the fortnite x futurama collab in fortnite
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Accompanying Bender to the Island is Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun. This brand-new Fortnite weapon is loaded with endless white-hot plasma and is only held back by overheating. You can find Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun as Floor Loot or visit Bender himself and purchase it for Gold Bars.

That's everything there is to the Fortnite x Futurama crossovers. Explore the Island and play Fortnite as your favourite character from Futurama, or simply melt your enemies into goo with Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun!

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