Worst Fortnite Weapons Of All Time

Worst Fortnite Weapons Of All Time
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Amelia-Eve Warden


17th Nov 2022 15:31

Are you looking for a list of the worst Fortnite weapons of all time? Throughout the years, Fortnite has had some hit-and-miss weapons. But what are the worst Fortnite weapons that you shouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole? Keep reading to find out.

Fortnite: Worst Weapons Of All Time

Dragon’s Breath Shotgun - #1

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Yes, it can shoot out fire. Yes, it has a high 67 damage. But its difficulty in being able to seamlessly aim allows space to get hit, and its hefty 4.3-second reload time allows enough time for some impact.

The positives are that it can deal 160 damage on a body shot, which is huge, but again, the reload time for a 4-mag gives the opponent a good window to retaliate. There is also a high possibility of setting yourself on fire once shot. In my opinion, it’s a no from me.

Burst And Assault Rifle - #2

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From the pre-season of Fortnite, the Assault Rifle has morphed into many versions: from Assault to Burst to Scope, Thermal and more. But out of the whole assault rifle family, these two have to be the worst.

Supplying a measly 30 damage within 100-meter proximity, the gun slowly loses its damage percentage the further you move away. On the lower damage scale, the Assault has to be one of the worst.

The Burst, however, isn’t much better. Supplying 31 damage, the damage falloff begins at 50 meters, with only 66% of its max damage value working at 95 meters. Not great.

Pistol - #3

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The Pistol is certainly not a gun not many of us keep in our inventory longer than a few seconds whilst we find an alternative. With 24-damage, 16-round mag and 1.54s reload time, the pistol doesn’t really do much damage at all.

Even at a legendary rarity, the pistol can only reach a 29-damage rate, meaning you’ll have to use a whole mag to even scratch the surface.

Grenades - #4

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Out of all the additional equipment you can get on Fortnite, Grenades have to be one of the worst.

Unlike Clinger Grenades, the originals never truly hit or produce very accurate damage to opponents. They can roll pretty far when thrown, meaning the opponent can move out of the way of them pretty speedily, leaving no damage received.

They can mark 100 damage when hit, but ensuring the opponent is unaware of them coming is the best approach to allow the grenade not to roll or totally miss your target.

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle - #5

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Launching pre-season and being a part of the game chapters ever since, the Bolt-Action is simply a very slow gun.

Holding only 1 bullet per mag, with a 3.3 second reload time, this is the perfect camping gun. However, if you’re in on the action and don’t have the capacity to plant yourself within a location, this gun can get you killed quickly if you’re not a headshot pro.

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