Best Fortnite Weapons Of All Time

Best Fortnite Weapons Of All Time
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Amelia-Eve Warden


17th Nov 2022 14:44

Are you looking for a list of the best Fortnite weapons of all time? Throughout the years, Fortnite has had some hit-and-miss weapons. But what are the best Fortnite weapons that deserve to be displayed in the hall of fame? Keep reading to find out.

Fortnite: Best Weapons Of All Time

EvoChrome Burst Rifle - #1

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The EvoChrome Burst Rifle is a new favourite among the community of Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 4. No matter the rarity, it upgrades the further damage you inflict on opponents. Equally, you can shoot animals in the game for quick and easy upgrades, allowing legendary rarity a breeze to get with this new weapon.

With a 24-mag size and 2.9-second reload time, it’s a nippy gun to keep in your inventory until the very end as the more opponents you kill, the quicker to mythic you’ll get.

Drum Shotgun - #2

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Ultimately, the Drum Shotgun is one of the best shotguns Epic Games has ever brought to Fortnite. With a 12-round mag size and 4.3-second reload time, it can inflict up to 50 damage per shot, cutting through shields at super quick rates. Oh, and it shoots 4 shots per second – crazy speeds!

With many other Fortnite shotguns, they haven’t had magazine sizes like this, nor do they shoot at such speed. The Drum Shotgun provides maximum damage within a quick period - a total classic.

Cobra DMR - #3

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This is a great blend between an SMG and a Sniper Rifle. The Cobra DMR allows for multiple bullets to be shot with a zoom scope and also allows the shooter to get a better line of sight with the flexibility of a 20-ammo mag to hand.

With a 3.12-second reload time, it gives the player enough time to reload and aim to hit their opponent. Whether close or far, it works great for both.

Storm Scout Sniper Rifle - #4

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A total killing machine, allowing 76.5 damage per second, and a 2.5x headshot multiplier, the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle was made for headshots and instant kills. Brought out in Chapter 2, the Storm Scout was a difficult gun to get your hands on due to its exotic rarity.

Typically found in Chapter 3 Season 2 via The Scientist in Synapse Station, the gun has been brought back many times in random locations due to how great of a sniper it is. It’s a highly sought weapon when it does reappear.

Primal Flame Bow - #5

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Originally launched in Chapter 2 Season 6, the highly favourited weapon comes in Epic and Legendary rarity, allowing gamers to burn buildings, grounds, trees, and roofs to prevent anyone from hiding.

This partnered with a Sniper Rifle is your perfect one-way trip to a Victory Royale.

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