How to get Solid Snake skin in Fortnite & complete all quests

How to get Solid Snake skin in Fortnite & complete all quests
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Daniel Megarry & Dave McAdam

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23rd Jan 2024 13:30

Solid Snake has infiltrated Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 1 with his own skin and cosmetics, but in typical Metal Gear fashion, there are twists and turns along the way as you'll need to complete a series of special quests to unlock him.

Fortnite kicked off Chapter 5 with a new Battle Pass featuring Peter Griffin from Family Guy. But that's not the only major crossover this season, as Solid Snake is now available in the game as a bonus skin with his own quests involving EMP Stealth Camo and... a Cardboard Box. Because of course.

How to unlock the Solid Snake skin in Fortnite

To get the Solid Snake skin in Fortnite, you'll need to own the current season's Battle Pass and complete the first page of Solid Snake Quests. After this, you'll automatically be granted the standard Snake skin.

The good news is that these Solid Snake cosmetics are completely separate from the main Battle Pass, so you don't need to reach a certain level to unlock them - unlike other skins like Peter Griffin which require grinding.

Snake comes with three variants: his Metal Gear Solid 2 look, the same outfit with night vision goggles, and his Metal Gear Solid 4 'Old Snake' look. The latter can be unlocked by completing the second page of quests.

All Solid Snake Quests in Fortnite

Here are all of the Solid Snake Quests and the cosmetics they'll unlock:

Item Task Cosmetic
Lying in Wait Loading Screen Hide in a Cardboard Box for 10 seconds (10)
Snake Loading Screen
Click to enlarge
Stun Knife Pickaxe Damage opponents within 10 meters (250)
Snake Stun Knife Pickaxe
Click to enlarge
Solid Profile Spray Deal damage with explosives (50)
Snake Spray in Fortnite
Click to enlarge
! Emote Damage opponents with Assault Rifles (500)
Fortnite ! emote
Click to enlarge
! Banner Icon Break security cameras or turrets (2)
Snake Banner Icon
Click to enlarge
Solid Snake Skin Complete Page 1 Quests 
Snake Skin
Click to enlarge
Tactical Advantage Loading Screen Damage opponents with a weapon that has a suppressor (2500)
Old Snake Loading Screen
Click to enlarge
Metal Gear MK. II Back Bling Use EMP Stealth Camo (3)
Snake Back Bling
Click to enlarge
Hidden? Emoticon Use a hiding spot in different matches (5)
Snake Emoticon
Click to enlarge
Slider Glider Assist in opening Vaults or hack Train Heist Chests (3)
Slider Glider in Fortnite
Click to enlarge
Snake Skin Wrap Damage different enemy players before they damage you (10)
Snake Weapon Wrap
Click to enlarge
Old Snake Skin Style Complete all Page 2 Quests
Old Snake Skin Style
Click to enlarge

Most of these quests should be pretty easy to complete, especially as challenges like dealing damage with explosives or Assault Rifles are things you'll probably be doing during regular gameplay anyway.

I'd recommend hacking Train Heist Chests over Vaults, as you simply need to land on the train, interact with the big chest at the front, and then jump off. Vaults on the other hand require you to take down a Boss.

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You might notice the Cardboard Box and EMP Stealth Camo items, which have been added to Fortnite as part of the Metal Gear collaboration. These can both be found in Chests or as floor loot around the Island.

Fortnite Solid Snake skin release date

The Solid Snake skin was added to Fortnite on Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

The reason for this is that Solid Snake is a bonus skin, the replacement for secret skins. This means that while the skin is part of the Battle Pass, it comes at a later time and is unlocked via different means.

That's everything you need to know about the Solid Snake skin. For more guides like this one, head to our Fortnite homepage where you'll find the latest free skins and tips on the best landing spots.

Daniel is GGRecon’s Deputy Guides Editor. He graduated from university with a degree in Journalism & English Language before covering video games and LGBTQ+ culture at publications including Gay Times and Dexerto. His favourite games include Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, and anything Nintendo. You can reach him on [email protected].

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