How To Equip The Fortnite Sensor Backpack To Find An Energy Fluctuation At Loot Lake

How To Equip The Fortnite Sensor Backpack To Find An Energy Fluctuation At Loot Lake
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24th May 2022 10:04

You will want to know how to use the Sensor Backpack in Fortnite, so it's possible to locate and find a menacing energy fluctuation at Loot Lake. But where do you equip a Sensor Backpack, and how do you use it in Fortnite? This guide will overview the Week 8 Resistance Quest and cover how to equip the Fortnite Sensor Backpack to find an energy fluctuation at Loot Lake.

Where To Equip The Fortnite Sensor Backpack

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The Fortnite Sensor Backpack is a piece of equipment available in-game on the Island. There are two spots where you can find a Sensor Backpack and equip it. Before the Sensor Backpack will appear, you must catch up on all of the Resistance Quests. 

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One of the places where you can equip a Sensor Backpack is west of Fortnite Tilted Towers, where the road forks. This location is just north-west of one of the Fortnite Stormtrooper Checkpoints. Look for the Sensor Backpack in the grass next to some trees and bushes.

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South of Titled Towers is the other site where you can grab a Sensor Backpack. The Fornite Sensor Backpack is off the road in the grass just before you hit the bridge into the Desert Biome.

Approach either of these Sensor Backpacks and interact with it to equip it and move onto the next stage of the Quest.

How To Equip The Fortnite Sensor Backpack To Find An Energy Fluctuation At Loot Lake

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With a Sensor Backpack equipped, you must next head toward Loot Lake and use the Sensor Backpack to find an energy fluctuation. Based on the intel gathered from Fortnite Recon Cameras, the Resistance leaders suspect that the Imagined Order's work toward a Doomsday Device is nearly complete.

This Week 8 Resistance Quest is unique in that the energy fluctuation does not appear in the same spot for everyone. This fact makes the Challenge a bit more complicated.


To find the energy fluctuation at Loot Lake, you must patrol the borders of Loot Lake and use the Sensor Backpack to close in on the energy fluctuation site. As you get closer to the energy fluctuation, the beeping of the Sensor Backpack will get more and more intense. If the noise slows, you're moving in the wrong direction.

When the beeping begins to occur at a rapid pace, take a second to look around. The energy fluctuation will appear as a yellow-orange patch of energy waves and glowing specks. Approach the energy fluctuation to scan it and confirm your findings.

With an XP reward of 23k, Resistance Quests are a great way to boost that Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass. Remember, you need to hit Season Level 200 to earn all of the Chapter 3 Season 2 Fortnite Super Styles.


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