Fortnite movement changes in Chapter 5 Season 1 explained

Fortnite movement changes in Chapter 5 Season 1 explained
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Morgan Truder


5th Dec 2023 12:52

The latest update in Fortnite has introduced Chapter 5 Season 1 after a very brief return to the OG map, arriving with some great new features, including changes to movement. While gamers have grown to expect the fresh Battle Pass and challenges with a new season, this time around we also have the LEGO event and Rocket Racing to look forward to. 

Yet, some of the smallest changes have been delivered through how movement works in the game and, surprisingly, they can have a huge impact on Fortnite's moment-to-moment gameplay.

Every movement change in Fortnite 

Here are the main changes according to the official Fortnite X account

  • Crouching is slower, but more stealthy 
  • Faster movement when going forwards or backwards 
  • Run and sprint speeds are slightly slower
  • Stamina will regenerate quicker 
  • New animations 

Crouching movement in Fortnite
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Although you may not think the above changes will make much of a difference, it is noticeable when you’re playing. The new animations include such things as being able to hurdle through windows as well as an extra climb on player-built structures

As part of the post on X, Fortnite added: "We’re listening to your feedback on this and definitely hear the concerns. In this early stage, we’re hoping that you’ll consider this update & that it starts to feel natural over time. We’re still here with you and every day we strive to make things better. Thanks for everything."

Hurdle in Fortnite
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On a personal level, from what I have played so far, I love the new movement additions, as being able to hurdle through windows is a game-changer and I think that sometimes, slowing things down a little can help make a game feel more intentional and tactical. 

That is all there is to know about the movement changes in Fortnite so far, we will update this page if there are any changes. If you’re on the lookout for other guides like how to complete the Train Heist or what the yellow circle on the map means, then take a look at our Fortnite homepage

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