Fortnite Late Game Arena: Late Game Arena And The Pump Shotgun Return

Fortnite Late Game Arena: Late Game Arena And The Pump Shotgun Return
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26th Aug 2022 17:30

Fortnite Late Game Arena is a place for aspiring Fortnite competitors to go and practise under the extreme pressure of a closing Storm. The end-game portion of a Fortnite match can be a turbulent mess, and Late Game Arena is the perfect place to polish your skills. If you're excited about the return of Fortnite Late Game Arena and the Pump Shotgun, look no further to find everything you need to know.

Fortnite Late Game Arena Release Date

Late Game Arena will return to Fortnite on August 30, 2022, at 1pm BST. In the past, Late Game Arena has existed exclusively as a limited-time mode, so there's a decent chance this is the case again. However, Epic Games has yet to announce an end date for Late Game Arena, meaning there's a possibility it's finally coming to Fortnite permanently.

Fortnite Late Game Arena Explained

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Late Game is a variant of regular Battle Royale where the match begins with the third Storm Circle already closing in. This means the playable area on the Island is a fraction of the size, and players are forced to confront one another earlier than normal. Late Game effectively works as an end-game simulator, skipping the looting phase and dropping competitors right into the action.

To accommodate the lack of time to gather supplies and materials, players begin Late Game with set loadouts and materials. Late Game Arena is part of Arena Mode, so it incorporates the Hype System where participants can climb Divisions and Leagues following strong performances.

Fortnite Late Game Arena has always been a fan-favourite game mode, especially amongst competitive players. The fact that you fast-forward to the end-game portion of the match makes Late Game Arena the absolute best way to practice for tournaments and Cups. Late Game Arena allows you to focus on rotating under pressure, editing, and just generally fighting in intense, crowded late-game zones. Usually, this sort of practice is hard to come by because the early-game portion of Fortnite can be a drag, and sometimes, there aren't even enough players left at the end of a match to simulate a true competitive setting.

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Fortnite Late Game Arena: The Pump Shotgun Is Back!

It looks like Fortnite Late Game Arena will bring with it the return of the iconic Pump Shotgun. Attached to the Late Game Arena announcement Tweet, Epic Games wrote, 'what a Legendary reaction! We're so Pumped to see you drop in at 8 am ET on 8.30.2022.' The emphasis on 'Pumped' seems to hint that the Pump Shotgun will be present in the Late Game Arena playlists.

The Pump is an infamous Fortnite weapon, adored by many and hated by others. Despite the controversy, it makes sense that it would come back for Late Game Arena because the Pump Shotgun is one of the better tools for end-game battles where quick peek-shots through edited windows are critical.

Fortnite Late Game Arena: Zero Build Late Game Arena?

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Upon the announcement that Late Game Arena was returning to Fortnite, the first question that came to mind for many was, 'will there be a Zero Build option?' Zero Build has quickly turned into one of Fortnite's most popular offerings, so much so that Fortnite Zero Build Arena was born.

Well, when Epic Games first announced Fortnite Zero Build Arena, it was said that the playlist would run until August 30, 2022. This is the exact date that Fortnite Late Game Arena is scheduled to go live. Would Epic Games really take away Fortnite Zero Build Arena without replacing it with another competitive Zero Build offering like Zero Build Late Game Arena?

With no official word from Epic Games, there's no telling for sure if Zero Build Late Game Arena is a thing or not. Expect to find out more as we edge closer to August 30, 2022, the Late Game Arena release date.

That's everything you need to know about Fortnite Late Game Arena. Prepare to dive back into Late Game Arena starting August 30, 2022, at 1pm BST — and don't forget your Pump Shotgun!

Late Game Arena is near the top of the list of how to improve at Fortnite.

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