Where to find the Infantry Rifle and Six Shooter in Fortnite

Where to find the Infantry Rifle and Six Shooter in Fortnite
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Daniel Hollis


28th Feb 2023 16:29

Fortnite has a habit of bringing in new content and vaulting existing elements of the game fairly frequently. It can be hard to keep track of everything that comes and goes, but thankfully, the weekly challenges often do an excellent job of highlighting all the new changes.

This week marks the reintroduction of the Infantry Rifle and the Six Shooter - two previously added weapons that have now been readded to the game. As the Fortnite challenge states, you’ll need to deal quite a bit of damage with these. 

If you’re wondering where exactly you can find these in Fortnite, here are the locations of the Infantry Rifle and the Six Shooter.

Where to find the Infantry Rifle and Six Shooter in Fortnite

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If you’re expecting an elaborate answer, then fear not, the solution is extremely simple. Due to both being released from the vault and now part of the rotation of weapons, you can expect to find these randomly across the map.

That means you simply need to loot chests and containers until you stumble across the Infantry Rifle and Six Shooter in Fortnite. You'll find these scattered all across the map, but are likely to come across more in named locations, resulting in a higher chance of finding either weapon.

They operate as usual weapons, and for the challenge, you simply need to deal a certain amount of damage with either of them. We recommend the Infantry Rifle for this. It’s a bit easier to use and has more range, but still has a drop-off after a certain range. If you’re struggling, simply find a decent vantage point and attempt to pick off some foes from a distance.

They’re not the easiest weapons to use in Fortnite - especially the Six Shooter, which is hard to control handgun - but as long as you manage to hit a few shots, you should have this challenge completed in no time.

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