Fortnite Battle Bus: Where To Find Armoured Battle Bus

Fortnite Battle Bus: Where To Find Armoured Battle Bus
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25th Mar 2022 14:00

The Fortnite Battle Bus has taken on a new form in Chapter 3 Season 2. Fortified with added protection, vehicle mods, and extra firepower, the Armoured Battle Bus is a force to be reckoned with in Fortnite. This guide will teach you how and where to find the new and improved Fortnite Battle Bus.

Fortnite Battle Bus: What Is The Armoured Battle Bus?

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The Armoured Battle Bus is a modified version of the iconic vehicle that transports players to the Fortnite island at the beginning of every match. The Armoured Battle Bus is built for aggression, and instead of being an aerial vehicle, it is designed for use on land and can be driven by players.

The Armoured Battle Bus comes equipped with Off-Road Tires and a Cow Catcher. These vehicle mods allow the Armoured Battle Bus to excel on all sorts of terrain and blast through structures and opponents. 

With seven total seats, one driver, two front seats, two rear seats, and two gunners, the Armoured Battle Bus can fit the entire family.

Fortnite Battle Bus: Funding The Armoured Battle Bus

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To unlock an Armoured Battle Bus, the Fortnite community as a whole must come together and fund it at a Donation Station. Once enough Gold Bars have been donated by players, the Armoured Battle Bus will become a permanent fixture at the point of interest (POI) the Donation Station was located at.

Donation Stations are set up all across the island at different POIs. Each Donation Station has a different goal and fund percentage. For example, Balloons, Rift-To-Gos, and Boogie Bombs are just some of the other items that will appear in the game once enough Gold Bars have been donated at the appropriate Donation Station.

Fortnite Battle Bus: Armoured Battle Bus Locations

For now, at least, there are only two Armoured Battle Buses available on the island. One Fortnite Armoured Battle Bus spawns at Sanctuary and the other is at Synapse Station.

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The Armoured Battle Bus at Sanctuary is located on the eastern side of the POI. The bus is parked along the dirt path beside the beach.

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The Synapse Station Armoured Battle Bus sits out in the open south of the centre garage.

If you want any chance at commandeering one of these buses, you'll need to head to where they spawn as soon as the game starts. With only two Armoured Battle Buses currently in existence, everyone will be fighting over these scarce but powerful vehicles. Don't expect the Armoured Battle Bus to still be there later in a match.

That's everything you need to know about the Fortnite Battle Bus. Your hard-earned donations have finally paid off and the Armoured Battle Bus is available to use in-game. Visit one of the Fortnite Armoured Battle Bus locations, hop in the driver's seat, and take a joyride in this monster of a vehicle.

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