FIFA 23 Web App Release Date

FIFA 23 Web App Release Date
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Jack Marsh


12th Sep 2022 10:52

Summer is ending and it's nearly autumn, so FIFA season is almost upon us, and if you're itching and scratching to get a hold of the upcoming FIFA 23 release, you might also be wondering about the Web App. The FIFA 23 Web App will be the first opportunity for players to get their mits on Ultimate Team players and begin to build their portfolio of players through SBCs and daily gifts. But, when is the FIFA 23 Web App release date?

FIFA 23 Web App Explained

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The FIFA 23 web app is a condensed version of the popular game mode Ultimate Team. Giving devoted fans a chance to access their personalised squad before the game is fully released, you can begin to ramp up the transfer market, and is often used to mediate the prices of your favourite players to avoid massive inflation on the week of the game's public opening.

Fans using the web app can receive their yearly returning bonus packs, begin to build their squad, complete Squad Building Challenges, and earn gifts from logging in every day. The FIFA 23 Web App works almost exactly like the Ultimate Team hub, just without the option to actually play a match.


FIFA 23 Web App Release Date

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With the full game set to come out on September 30, and the pre-release trials coming three days prior on September 27,  the FIFA 23 Web App will be released on Wednesday, September 21.

The FIFA Web App is usually released a week before the first players get their hands on the full game, giving players seven days to start building their clubs up before being able to play a match. The Companion App isn't set to be too far behind either and will be coming out a day later on September 22.

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