EA FC 24 early access: Release date, start time & how to get

EA FC 24 early access: Release date, start time & how to get
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19th Sep 2023 17:23


The EA FC 24 early access period is better than ever this year, and we've got the release date and how to get it right here so you can jump in earlier than most.

FIFA has traditionally had early access periods of a few days, letting players access the action ahead of schedule and get a good headstart on Ultimate Team too. However, things have been ramped up in EA FC, with a few more days of exclusivity and even a dedicated promo, too.

So, continue reading below to find out how to get early access to FC 24, including the release date that you'll need to access the game straight away.

When is the EA FC 24 early access start date?

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The early access period for FC 24 will start on Friday, September 22, 2023. We do not have any specific details regarding the start time for early access yet, but we will let you know and update this guide whenever they become available.

As you might have worked out, this is one week earlier than the standard release date, which is much longer than the three days they have historically given in the past. This is perfect if you're an Ultimate Team fanatic, as you'll be able to get a massive headstart and commence your grind towards the perfect team.

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EA FC 24 early access start time

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The start time for early access in EA FC 24 has also been confirmed, so you will be able to jump straight on from midnight in your local time on PlayStation and Xbox, and then 5am BST on PC.

Make sure that you have already downloaded the game through the convenient preload so that you can't play right away, and you might also want to consider the New Zealand trick to play even earlier if you're on Xbox consoles.

How to get early access to EA FC 24

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You can get FC 24 early access by either purchasing the Ultimate Edition of the game or playing the EA FC 24 trial with an EA Play subscription.

Picking up the Ultimate Edition of FC 24 is the most straightforward option, as it will give you unlimited access from the get-go with a multitude of other bonuses too. However, it does cost $99.99/£99.99, which can be quite a deterrent for many.

If you are put off by the price, however, you can instead use an EA Play subscription to get FC 24 early access for 'free'. All you need to do is sign up for a single month if you're not already a member and then download the trial for the game to play early. The biggest downside for this is that you can only play for 10 hours, which was just about enough when it was a three-day period, but can be quite stretched over a week for any dedicated players.

What is the EA FC 24 early access exclusive promo?

As announced by EA Sports, the early access exclusive promo for FC 24 is titled 'Mad Ready', and seems to be focussed around Nike-sponsored players, similar to the Adidas-themed NUMBERSUP promo in FIFA 22.

There have been two confirmed players so far, which are the following:

  • Enzo Fernandez (Chelsea)
  • Federico Chiesa (Juventus)

This promo will only be available to players who have the early access version of the game, but it is likely that you will still be able to purchase the cards on the transfer market after it is finished if you only have the standard version.

That wraps up everything you need to know about early access in EA FC 24, so you can be prepared for the release date, knowing exactly how to get a good head start.

Check out our EA FC homepage for all of the latest news and guides. Alternatively, we've got all of the confirmed Heroes so far for you to check out.

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