FIFA 23 Title Update 2 Patch Notes

FIFA 23 Title Update 2 Patch Notes
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11th Oct 2022 16:11

The FIFA 23 Title Update 2 has finally arrived, and it brings a large amount of changes to the game, which will certainly delight a lot of fans. As there are a lot of new systems and mechanics in the latest FIFA title, there is inevitably going to be a lot that needs ironed out or tweaked, which is what these Title Updates are perfect for. So, to see the full patch notes from the FIFA 23 Title Update 2, make sure to carry on reading down below.

FIFA 23 Title Update 2 Patch Notes

FIFA 23 Title Update 2 Patch Notes
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Here's a full list of the FIFA 23 Title Update 2 patch notes that will be arriving shortly on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia:

Ultimate Team

  • Added a Chemistry indicator appearing on player items when previewing a sway between out of position player items
  • Removed the pack opening animation for Stadium Items from Objectives, Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FIFA 23 Weekend League rewards
  • Removed several screens that would appear before playing individual FUT Moments challenges
  • Each card's secondary positions are now visible in the top left part of the screen when using the Actions radial menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some SBC rewards were missing the untradeable label
  • Fixed an issue where the 'do not show this message again' option did not take into effect when performing squad actions on the Squad screen
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game scoreboard did not always display correctly in Squad Battles
  • Fixed an issue where there was instability when opening packs on both console and PC


  • Chipped penalty shots can only be performed in the middle third of the goal
  • Adjusted chipped penalty shots to be less lofted overall
  • Improved the likelihood of a standing tackle winning the ball back
  • Increased ball velocity for all ground passes
  • Increased accuracy for all chip shots

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where goalkeepers would sometimes react too quickly to shots
  • Fixed an issue where shoulder challenges from behind did not result in a foul, when it should have been otherwise
  • Fixed an issue where goalkeepers were sometimes positioned too far off their line when attempting a long shot save
  • Fixed an issue where defenders would miss a header in a difficult heading scenario, especially when under pressure from an opposing player
  • Fixed an issue where goalkeepers would try to catch the ball when running back to save a chip shot
  • Improved dribbling animations after taking a stumbling touch on the ball
  • Fixed an issue where goalkeepers were sometimes unable to save shots aimed close to their body
  • Fixed an issue where some ground passes would travel at a velocity faster than intended
  • Fixed an issue where three star skill move players with Sprint Speed and Acceleration over 85 could not perform a fake shot from a sprint
  • Fixed an issue where the ball carrier could spring over the ball and lose control of it

Career Mode

  • The in-game scoreboard displayed incorrectly during highlights
  • In some cases, post match interviews could contain questions not relevant to the situation
  • In some cases, the player's team could unintentionally have less Playable highlights than the opposition
  • In some cases, AI managers could sell too many players without replacing them
  • Some league standings did not correctly show which teams qualified for European competition (visual only)
  • The Transfers tab could display an incorrect league for a scouted player (visual only)
  • Addressed a stability issue that occurred when simulating matches


  • Season XP could sometimes display as zero in VOLTA (visual only)
  • Item rarities were incorrectly displayed in the VOLTA shop
  • Pro Clubs team captain would take corner kicks instead of the assigned corner kick taker
  • The post match Pro Clubs progression screens did not reflect playing in the 'Any' position
  • When a free kick was being taken during a Pro Clubs match, the camera changed to the Free Kick camera for all teammates

General, Audio, And Visual

  • Pausing an EATV video could launch Career Mode
  • Kick Off controller settings didn't always save if they were changed on the Match Preview and Side Select screens
  • Addressed various stability issues that could sometimes occur

Additionally, EA has stated that they are aware of the frustration from the PC community, in regard to the number of bugs that players on the platform are facing. There are no fixes for these issues in this current patch, but there will be more information soon.

So, that completes the full list of patch notes for the FIFA 23 Title Update 2, and it surely was a hefty set of changes. If you're wondering when your Ones to Watch cards will upgrade though, make sure to check out our FIFA 23 OTW tracker.

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