FIFA 23 Rooney Icon SBC Solution

FIFA 23 Rooney Icon SBC Solution
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Harry Boulton


19th Jan 2023 18:47

If you're wanting to avoid a headache, then you're really going to want to check out the FIFA 23 Rooney Icon SBC solution we have here. Another Icon SBC has dropped into FIFA, and it gives you a chance to get your hands on a one of the best players of the 20th Century. So, to see all of the objectives, rewards, and the cheapest FIFA 23 Rooney Icon SBC solution, then make sure to have a read of the rest of this guide.

FIFA 23 Rooney Icon SBC Objectives

Here are all of the objectives that you'll have to complete for the FIFA 23 Rooney Icon SBC:

  • Born Legend
    • # of Rare Players: 11
    • Player Level: Exactly 11
    • # of players in the Squad: 11
  • Rising Star
    • # of Rare Player: 11
    • Player Level: Exactly Silver
    • # of players in the Squad: 11
  • Old Trafford's Wonder Boy
    • # of players from Manchester United: Min One
    • Squad Rating: Min 84
    • # of players in the Squad: 11
  • The Three Lions
    • # of players from England: Min One
    • Squad Rating: Min 85
    • # of players in the Squad: 11
  • Top-notch
    • TOTW/FUT Champions players: Min One
    • Squad Rating: Min 86
    • # of players in the Squad: 11
  • League Legend
    • # of players from Premier League: Min One
    • Squad Rating: Min 87
    • # of players in the Squad: 11

As you can see, this particular SBC is actually quite easy, which is good. It just requires you to fill in the gaps with the correct ratings, so knowing how far you can stretch that, and which players to pick up can really go a long way in keeping the cost down. Thankfully, we have you covered down below.

Furthermore, this SBC is set to expire on April 7, at 6PM GMT so you'll have a while to think it over and save up if you want to get your hands on the card.

FIFA 23 Rooney Icon SBC Solution

As mentioned, while the SBC objectives aren't as challenging as some of the advanced puzzle SBCs, knowing how to stretch the required ratings the furthest, and which cards to pick up for cheap is the real skill. We've got you covered with the complete FIFA 23 Rooney Icon SBC solution here though, so you don't have to worry about any potential headaches you might incur.

While the solution that we provide below might be the cheapest option if you're buying completely from scratch, nine times out of ten it's going to be cheaper by using players that are already in your club if you can. This is especially the case for an SBC this expensive, as any way you can save money will really be appreciated.

However, here is the cheapest FIFA 23 Rooney Icon SBC solution that you can pick up right now:

Born Legend

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  • Oliver
  • Chrisene
  • Jakolis
  • Wright
  • Lepasa
  • Abdullah
  • Moreira
  • Breunig
  • Al Shikali
  • Lee Jong-ho
  • Hladky

Estimated Cost: 6,000 Coins

Rising Star

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  • Vangioni
  • Nguen
  • Tufan
  • Jack
  • Paulinho
  • Zwane
  • Onisiwo
  • Eteki
  • Kongolo
  • Jankto
  • Hefti

Estimated Cost: 5,000 Coins

Old Trafford's Wonder Boy

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  • Eriksen
  • Haller
  • Centurions Lopes
  • Handanovic
  • Ndidi
  • Tah
  • Savic
  • Matip
  • Malinovskyi
  • Suarez
  • Bounou

Estimated Cost: 52,000 Coins

The Three Lions

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  • Ricardo Pereira
  • Muller
  • Baumann
  • Rice
  • Schmeichel
  • IF Sorloth
  • Suarez
  • De Gea
  • Fabian
  • Hradecky
  • Unai Simon

Estimated Cost: 80,000 Coins


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  • IF Sorloth
  • Ruben Dias
  • Hradecky
  • Unai Simon
  • De Paul
  • Ricardo Pereira
  • Silva
  • Handanovic
  • Kroos
  • Suarez
  • Baumann

Estimated Cost: 118,000 Coins

League Legend

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  • Ter Stegen
  • Navas
  • Marquinhos
  • Ruben Dias
  • Angelino
  • Hojbjerg
  • Kroos
  • Silva
  • Fernando
  • Firmino
  • Schmeichel

Estimated Cost: 165,000 Coins

As you can see, the overall cost of the FIFA 23 Rooney Icon SBC comes to around 425,000 Coins, which is a good price if you're looking for a top striker.

That completes this guide for the FIFA 23 Rooney Icon SBC solution, letting you know the cheapest way to get the latest challenge in the game done. If you're wanting to see the rest of our FIFA 23 SBC Solutions though, make sure to have a peer at our guide for everything that we've covered so far.

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