FIFA 23 Tips From Pro Player Gorilla

FIFA 23 Tips From Pro Player Gorilla
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30th Sep 2022 17:59

If you're looking to boost your footballing skills, then there are very few better places to get some FIFA 23 tips than from 2017 FIFA World Champion Spencer "Gorilla" Ealing. FIFA is a deceptively simple game, especially if you understand the basics of football, but knowing how to organise your team or break down a solid defence is often the difference maker between the good players and the great. So, to find out all of the best FIFA 23 tips for the latest title, make sure to carry on reading down below.

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FIFA 23 Pro Player Tips

FIFA 23 Tips
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We spoke to former FIFA World Champion and current Excel Esports pro player Gorilla about his thoughts on FIFA 23, and we asked him for his advice on a number of different challenges that the average player might face. 

This ranged from the new defending mechanics, best formations and skill moves, and even some players that he's looking forward to in the new title. Have a read of the rest of this guide to see if there are any FIFA 23 tips you can learn to improve your gameplay and pick up a better set of FIFA 23 Weekend League rewards.

Manual Defending Is The Way Forward

One of the biggest changes going into FIFA 23 is the enhanced emphasis on player-controlled defensive movement, where there is less assistance from the game for actions like blocks and tackles. 

In the past few FIFA titles, AI defending has been quite the menace, lowering the potential player skill separation by having the computer do their job for them, so to speak. Gorilla explains:

"I think the issues I've personally found over the past few years, especially stemming from FIFA 20, is that it's just been too reliant on the AI defensively. So, when you're playing FUT Champs for example, and you're the better player, have a lot of chances, and you should be scoring, and then the next thing you know their Van Dijk just does some crazy AI block, and the actual person behind that player didn't actually do anything, I feel like that's a bit wrong. I feel like if you want a good skill gap in FIFA, you've got to allow for as much controlled input as possible." 

However, thankfully Gorilla has given you some advice on how to ensure that you get a grasp of manual defending better, as he suggests:

"If defending is going to go more into a manual base, then be a bit conservative within reason. Obviously if people are in your box you can't just sit back, but don't go rushing out, make sure that you defend with your midfielders first, or your attackers, just bring people back. Obviously in FIFA your players are going to be out of shape in a counter attack, don't just bomb forward with your centre backs because he's the closest to the ball, bring your CDMs back and what will happen more times than not is that the opposition will have to reset the play."

Don't Worry Too Much About Custom Tactics

We can all get a bit too wrapped up in the backroom side of things, where we spend ages crafting a new tactic that will dominate the pitch, and then lose your first game with it 4-0 and never use it again. 

However, Gorilla argues that custom tactics actually have a very minimal effect on your gameplay:

"Every year there's always experiments with tactics. I believe last year, I don't think it actually made that much of a difference. I had 100 depth, I tried one depth, and honestly I'm not even joking there wasn't a difference in anything from what I could tell. I feel like it's more placebo most times, especially with the numbers anyway. I feel like the only things you can notice a difference with are the balanced, possession, fast build up [tactics]. I think people go with a balanced option, I think that's what people will find is the safest… It's just a matter of waiting, seeing, and trying things out."

So, the best piece of advice is to stop worrying about the numbers and just try and play the way you want to play. Changing from 55 depth to 50 isn't going to win or lose you any games, and it is a better idea to just go with what you feel is most comfortable with the way you play.

The Best Formations To Use

Formations, much like custom tactics, are both very important to your playstyle, but also can become a subject of overthinking. While a lot of FIFA games have had optimal or meta formations for how the game is best played, it all just depends on what you want to get out of your team and play style:

"It all depends on the FIFA… You have your bunch of formations where there are some meta ones, like in FIFA 21 where five-at-the-back was good, this year just gone we had 3-5-2 that was usable. I had enjoyment with 4-4-2 on FIFA 22, it's kind of balanced, you can't really go wrong with it. It all depends, if crossing is going to be meta then maybe 4-2-3-1, if pace is super efficient then maybe go to a narrow formation. Do you need more numbers back because manual defending is a lot harder, you'd rather have the support around in your box. There's so many questions, but it just all depends. We could be playing the game, and then in a month's time we could be saying that 4-3-3 is the best formation."

As crossing seems to be far more viable in this new FIFA title, and more players at the back gives more security in trickier defending situations, we have seen a rise in popularity for five-at-the-back formations. However, as Gorilla states, this could very easily change along the line.

The Importance Of Skill Moves And The Best Ones To Use

Skill moves in FIFA offer players one of the biggest opportunities to raise their skill ceiling, but many players shy away from them due to the complexity. Knowing certain skill moves is one thing, but understanding how best to use them will get you much further:

"Skill moves are vital, if you want to step your game up then skill moves are the way forward. It depends on how you perceive skill moves, you can use them to be fancy and show off, but there are actually effective skill moves. You've got the simple ones like the roulette, more complicated ones like the elastico, reverse elastico. The roulette has been good for a few years now so I don't see why that would change. There's little ones like an R1 fake shot when you face a certain direction, which then can set up a certain skill move like a reverse elastico."

Of course, you can't just expect to click your fingers and suddenly have the whole list of skill moves in your brain, so Gorilla suggests the best ways to build them into your playstyle:

"At the start of the game, just keep using [the skill moves], build it into your game so it gets as simple as passing a ball, like everyone knows how to pass the ball on FIFA. You need to get to a point of playing where you can do that skill move the same way you can do a pass, and it may not seem like it's possible but it doesn't even take that long… Just go into the Practice Arena and keep spamming it, just try and get a good motion of it, and get a feel for how to do it because obviously with skill moves, if you turn a different way then you have to do a different input."

Players To Look Out For

With a new FIFA game comes exciting new players, and this year there is an abundance, especially when it comes to FIFA 23 Heroes. Here are all of the players that Gorilla is particularly excited to use:

"Obviously the likes of Mbappé, I think Messi and Ronaldo are going to be interesting because of their pace downgrade. Personally, I want to use the new players like Yaya Touré, Marchisio, Völler, there's some new heroes like Lucio, so I think you'll see a lot of pros try and get a feel for those. Jairzinho, the new Brazilian Icon looks good too, that's what you'll see the pros using at the top level."

As you can see, there is a lot of interest in a few of the new players entering the game for the first time, both due to their freshness, and also the stats and power that they can bring to the table. There's no doubt that they are going to stay in the top-tier price range for a while, but if you manage to get your hands on one then definitely make sure to take advantage of the opportunity.

So, that rounds off these FIFA 23 tips that from Gorilla, giving you plenty of opportunities to improve your play, or shake off certain common misconceptions. If you're wanting some more great advice, make sure to check out these FIFA 23 starter team ideas, for some inspiration at every budget level.

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