FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson Objectives Explained: How To Complete

FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson Objectives Explained: How To Complete
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Harry Boulton


28th Nov 2022 16:40

The FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson Lesson objectives have been released as part of the World Cup integration, and it is causing quite a lot of confusion for players who are trying to complete them. Typically, objectives in FIFA 23 will give a direct explanation of what the player needs to do to complete them, with a tracker to show you your current progress. However, the FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson is - as the name suggests - a bit different, so to see how to complete all of the objectives, make sure to carry on reading down below.

How To Complete The FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson Objectives

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As mentioned, the recently released FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson objectives are rather vague in their descriptions, and require you to possess a knowledge of historical World Cup moments in order to complete them, or at least figure out what you need to do.

The part that seems to be confusing players the most is the various progress trackers, as they don't seem to line up with what you actually need to do, leading to a lot of players second-guessing themselves.

However, we have all of the actual objectives that you'll need to complete below, so read on below to see the full list:

  • The Blow of MaracanĂ£ - Score two goals with a Uruguayan player
  • Hometown Shocker - Score seven goals in one match
  • Pinturicchio - Score with a finesse shot with an Italian player
  • A 1950 Miracle On Grass - Score a goal with a player from the USA
  • The Heat Battle of Lausanne - Score three goals with both a Swiss player and an Austrian player
  • Somersault - Score a goal with a German player in four separate matches

These objectives can be completed in any Ultimate Team game mode on any difficulty setting, and can technically all be done in the same match, apart from Somersault.

One thing that you might want to do is pair these objectives up with the various objectives from this FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps tracker that require you to play Squad Battles, as then you can kill two rather tedious birds with one stone and get some good rewards too. You don't even need to have the various nations in your starting eleven too, but do of course bear in mind that you can only make five subs, and you will need six different nationalities, so you'll probably want at least your German player starting.

So, that wraps up this guide for how to complete the new FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson objectives, which should hopefully help ease the confusion a bit. If you're wanting to complete any SBCs though, make sure to check out this FIFA 23 SBC solutions guide for everything that we've covered so far.

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