FIFA 23 Hero Pack: Will We Get Compensation?

FIFA 23 Hero Pack: Will We Get Compensation?
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Harry Boulton


10th Oct 2022 13:32

The seemingly accidental release of a FIFA 23 Hero Pack that cost 25,000 Coins into the store has caused quite the commotion within the FIFA community. FIFA has been subject to quite a few mistakes and errors over the past few years, but this is certainly one of the most significant, especially due to the stage of the game that it has occurred at. So, if you're wondering 'will we get compensation?' for the FIFA 23 Hero Pack, make sure to carry on reading down below.

FIFA 23 Hero Pack Explained

FIFA 23 Hero Pack
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While the FIFA 23 Moments Danjuma SBC was the main piece of content dropped at 6PM BST on October 8, it was vastly overshadowed by the brief appearance of a tradeable guaranteed FIFA 23 Hero Pack in the store for a messy 25,000 Coins. 

This was staggering not only for it being just over a week into the FIFA 23 cycle, but also mainly the fact that at the time of release, there was only one Hero card under 25,000 Coins, so you were practically guaranteed anywhere between 5,000 and 2,100,000 Coins profit, depending on your luck.

However, it was only ten minutes before this pack was unceremoniously pulled from the store, leaving anyone who didn't log in for the short period of time it was available significantly short-changed.

Furthermore, many players are speculating that EA themselves, in an attempt to control the market crash, bought up all of the underpriced FIFA 23 Heroes in order to reset their value to what it was before the pack, essentially resetting any signs of the pack in the first place. 

However, many players have had the value of their pre-existing Heroes drop significantly, and more importantly, those who managed to open up the pack have dramatically increased their coin balance in a time where even marginal gains can go a long way.


FIFA 23 Hero Pack: Will We Get Compensation?

FIFA 23 Hero Pack Compensation
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As of October 10, 2022, there is no official communication from EA about compensation for the FIFA 23 Hero Pack. However, it is rather complicated, as the compensation could likely come in two forms. 

The first, most discussed form of compensation for the FIFA 23 Hero Pack is some form of availability for the players that missed it. Whether this is just straight up bringing the Hero Pack back to the store in its original form - which EA likely won't want to do - or giving every player who missed it an untradeable hero pack.

Unfortunately, the more likely compensation will come for the players who actually got to open the pack though, as the reward did in fact differ from what was advertised, even if it ended up being better. The pack was initially signalled as untradeable, so regardless of the fact that the tradeable reality was more desirable, it was still contrary to the advertised purchase. Considering this pack was purchasable with FIFA Points - which is in essence real money - it is even more likely that EA offers compensation for this. 

Compensation will likely arrive in the form of an untradeable Hero Pack for those that opened it, which will certainly cause further frustration for those who missed it. Situations similar to this have happened before though: a Prime Icon pack in FIFA 22 gave out Moments cards, and then the affected players got another Prime pack. 

However, those who missed the pack could actually be due compensation in the same circumstances, as the pack was advertised with an available time and quantity, so some are arguing that this was not fulfilled. 

Regardless though, we still just have to wait for official communication from EA, as it is likely they are taking their time to figure out the right course of action. We will update you whenever anything comes through though, so make sure to check back on this page.

So, that's everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 Hero Pack, hopefully answering your question of 'will we get compensation?' according to everything we know right now. If you missed out on the pack and want a way to make back some easy coins though, make sure to check out our FIFA 23 trading tips guide with SebFUT.

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