FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC Solution

FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC Solution
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Harry Boulton


25th Nov 2022 18:28

If you're wanting to avoid a headache, then you're really going to want to check out the FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC solution we have here. The latest SBC has dropped into FIFA this year, and it is a throwback that almost every player will want to complete. So, to see all of the objectives, rewards, and the cheapest FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC solution, then make sure to have a read of the rest of this guide.

FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC Objectives

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Flashback cards are an excellent way to memorialise a specific point or period within a certain player's career. While it would be nigh on impossible to narrow Lionel Messi's career down to a single moment, but there are a few particular highlights that really stand out among the rest.

The moment EA has chosen to flashback to is

Here are all of the objectives that you'll have to complete for the FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC:

  • PSG
    • # of players from PSG: Min One
    • Squad Rating: Min 84
    • # of players in the Squad: 11
  • Argentina
    • # of Argentina players: Min One
    • Squad Rating: 85
    • # of players in the Squad: 11
  • Top Form
    • TOTW Players: Min 1
    • Squad Rating: Min 86
    • # of players in the Squad: 11
  • Ligue 1
    • # of Ligue 1 players: Min One
    • Squad Rating: Min 87
    • # of players in the Squad: 11

If it wasn't obvious anyway, this particular SBC does cost a fair amount, but thankfully, we have you covered down below with a full list of the cheapest squads.

Furthermore, this SBC is set to expire on December 2, at 6PM GMT so you'll a while to think it over and save up if you want to get your hands on the card.

FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC Rewards

As always, the main appeal of the player SBCs is the card that you get for completing them, but thankfully there are some packs that you can pick up along the way too.

Here are the rewards that you can get for completing the FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC:

  • Small Gold Players Pack
  • Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Rare Mixed Players Pack
  • Rare Electrum Players Pack

Even though they aren't the best, the packs above can give you at least some Coins back for completing the squad, and you never know when your luck will line up and give you a super expensive player.

FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC Solution

As mentioned, while the SBC objectives aren't as challenging as some of the advanced puzzle SBCs, knowing how to stretch the required ratings the furthest, and which cards to pick up for cheap is the real skill. We've got you covered with the complete FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC solution here though, so you don't have to worry about any potential headaches you might incur.

While the solution that we provide below might be the cheapest option if you're buying completely from scratch, nine times out of ten you're going to be cheaper by using players that are already in your club if you can. This is especially the case for an SBC this expensive, as any way you can save money will really be appreciated.

However, here is the cheapest FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC solution that you can pick up right now:


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  • Partey
  • David Silva
  • Gosens
  • Vardy
  • Hradecky
  • Tonali
  • Canales
  • Fabian
  • De Vrij
  • Ben Yedder
  • Leao

Estimated Cost: 33,500 Coins


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  • Acuna
  • Pogba
  • Sommer
  • Asensio
  • Luis Alberto
  • Muller
  • Koke
  • Alexander-Arnold
  • Ziyech
  • Fabian
  • Jesus Navas

Estimated Cost: 66,000 Coins

Top Form

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  • Canales
  • Kessie
  • Maignan
  • Alexander-Arnold
  • Di Maria
  • Goretzka
  • Verratti
  • Ben Yedder
  • IF Kean
  • Partey
  • Leao

Estimated Cost: 103,000 Coins

Ligue 1

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  • Verratti
  • Vardy
  • Schick
  • Alexander-Arnold
  • Lloris
  • Pogba
  • Fabinho
  • IF Kroos
  • Laporte
  • Silva
  • Bruno Fernandes

Estimated Cost: 190,000 Coins

As you can see, the overall cost of the FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC comes to around 401,000 Coins, which is obviously quite expensive, but will definitely be worth it if you can afford it. It goes without saying that you should put any and all untradeable cards that you have in your club into this SBC, as otherwise you might be left with not much in your bank afterward.

That completes this guide for the FIFA 23 Flashback Messi SBC solution, letting you know the cheapest way to get the latest challenge in the game done. If you're wanting to see the rest of our FIFA 23 SBC solutions though, make sure to have a peer at our guide for everything that we've covered so far.

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