Is FIFA 23 On EA Play?

Is FIFA 23 On EA Play?
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Harry Boulton


9th Sep 2022 13:14

If you're wanting to avoid the extra cost of buying the game outright, you might be wondering, is FIFA 23 on EA Play? FIFA games have historically been added to the EA subscription service, but it can be quite tricky to figure out exactly when. So, to learn all about the FIFA 23 EA Play details, make sure to carry on reading down below.

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Is FIFA 23 On EA Play?

FIFA 23 EA Play
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While the simple answer is that yes, FIFA 23 is on EA Play, the reality of the situation is a bit more complicated than that. 


If you're on the base EA Play subscription, you will be able to trial FIFA 23 for 10 hours, which is plenty of time to find out whether you like it or not, or get a good start on your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team journey. To get full access through the standard EA Play membership, however, you will have to wait until at least around February 2023, as that is when EA usually adds it to the service for everyone.

Comparatively, if you have the EA Play Pro membership, you will be able to get the game day one, and have full access. While it is probably not worth the money if you only play FIFA, the upper-tier membership can be worth it if you're an EA game devotee.

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Does EA Play Get FIFA 23 Early Access?

FIFA 23 EA Play Early Access
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Thankfully, the benefits of EA Play don't just extend to a 'free' copy of the game, as you will get to play FIFA 23 three days early on September 27

This keeps the EA Play edition of the game in line with the Ultimate Edition of the game, so you will be able to get an upper hand over most other players.

One thing you can do if you're desperate to play FIFA 23 early though is to get EA Play even if you've already pre-ordered the Standard Edition of the game, as all your progress will carry over to the main game, and the 10 hours should last you the three days.

So, that's all the answers you need to the question of 'is FIFA 23 on EA Play?', letting you know if there is early access to the game too. For all the details on the first promo of the new game though, make sure to have a read of our FIFA 23 Ones to Watch guide.

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