FIFA 22 Best FUT Heroes List - Top Ratings And Statistics

FIFA 22 Best FUT Heroes List - Top Ratings And Statistics
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24th Jan 2022 18:01

The FIFA 22 best FUT Heroes list isn't all about ratings, but which players you're looking out for in packs to make a small fortune on, or which players will slip right into your team if you manage to complete the FUT Hero SBC. Just as the FIFA 22 TOTY Players roll out, the best FUT Heroes have been highlighted once more, and as players look to build on their Hybrid teams, many are looking for the best way to link to some of the best cards on FIFA 22. So, here's the FIFA 22 best FUT Heroes list, based on performance and statistics, rather than overalls.

FUT HERO Player Pick SBC

The best FUT Heroes are once again in the spotlight thanks to a brand-new player pick SBC which gives you the option to select one of three Heroes in exchange for two rather simple squads.

For submitting one 83-rated squad, and one 84-rated team, you'll complete the FUT Hero Player Pick SBC and get your hands on some of the best cards in the game. But, once you get the chance to pick, which of the best FUT Heroes list players should you be looking out for?

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Best FUT Heroes List - S Tier

Pele, Ginola, Kohler, Di Natale, Cordoba

Abedi Pele and David Ginola are the two most sought-after FUT Heroes on the game, closely followed by Di Natale, due to their prominent league links that fit in with the favourable French and Ligue 1 meta that is used in FIFA 22. The pair come as the highest rated players, but also have a desired stats pad, both reaching 90+ pace and 90+ dribbling, with only their defensive work being questionable.

Di Natale is also a solid pick from your FUT Heroes Player Pick SBC, with the lethal forward being the best striker in the collection due to his pace and finishing. In the centre-half positions, Kohler and Cordoba also come as the top picks in the best FUT Heroes list, both having great defensive stats and good league links (Bundesliga and Serie A, respectively).

Best FUT Heroes List - A Tier

Morientes, Cole, Dudek, Solskjaer, Milito, Mostovoi

Despite being the highest-rated card in the FUT Heroes collection, Morientes isn't quite your first choice, and is hindered by his pace to suit the second-tier choices alongside attackers like Milito, Solskjaer, and Mostovoi - the latter of whom is a great in-game choice for a playmaker in the La Liga.

Joe Cole and Jerzy Dudek are also quite good picks in the FIFA 22 best FUT Heroes list, fitting into Premier League outfits that are often players' go-to choice in Ultimate Team.

Best FUT Heroes List - B Tier

Ljungberg, Campos, Gomez, Keane

Both Robbie Keane and Freddy Ljungberg can both be attractive players to pop into your team, alongside some more pacey options going forward, having a good Premier League link and tidy dribbling stats.

Gomez also falls victim to the pace meta, although a 90-rated shooting statistic makes him a good choice to use if you're creating chances but not sticking them away. Campos, albeit a better card than Dudek, is not one you'll want to get your hands on due to his chemistry links.

Best FUT Heroes List - C Tier

Ricken, Cahill, Al-Jaber, Dempsey

In comparison to the other players in their attacking positions, Cahill and Ricken come up at the bottom of the FIFA 22 best FUT Heroes list. Whilst not being useless cards, they'll likely be stuck to your bench if you pull them from a pack, with other non-hero options being available. 

Unfortunately for Al-Jaber and Dempsey, they face the same deficit as Campos, not being able to fit into a desirable league or nation squad, although their stats may be on-par than the likes of Keane.

The FUT Hero Player Pick SBC will be active until January 30, although you will still be able to pull them from normal packs if you're lucky enough.


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