How to fish in Fae Farm

How to fish in Fae Farm
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As with most cozy games, learning how to fish in Fae Farm will be one of the paramount tools you learn and a great way to make money in the early-game process.

Luckily, you'll receive your fishing rod fairly quickly in Fae Farm, even so, it can be confusing knowing how to fish initially, if you need bait, how to upgrade fishing tools and more.

Join us as we answer all these questions and provide a full guide on how to fish in the game and make the most amount of Gold quickly.

How to catch fish in Fae Farm

If you follow the in-game tutorial quests, you'll meet Eddy the Mariner, the local fishing expert, within your first few days in Azoria.

Eddy will give you a fishing rod to practise with. To fish successfully in Fae Farm, follow these instructions:

  • Scroll your tool wheel until you have the fishing rod selected
  • Hold left-click and let go to release
  • When a fish is near left-click to jiggle the line
  • Repeat this process until a fish takes notice and advances to the rod
  • When a fish bites, hold left-click
  • Let go when the line appears red
  • Left-click and hold again when the line goes back to white
  • Repeat this process until you've reeled in the fish
  • If you hold left-click when the line is red, you'll lose the fish

If during your time fishing you start to run out of energy, you can consume any cooked food to replenish your energy bar or collect any of the green orbs scattered around town.

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These green orbs are little currents of energy that can help replenish your bar when interacted with.

How to upgrade your fishing rod in Fae Farm

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You can increase your chances for rare fish if you invest in upgrading your fishing rod. To do so, simply ask to see Eddy's shop when speaking with him.

Eddy has the following upgrades available:

  • Sturdy Rod– requires fishing level three
  • Advanced Rod– requires fishing level five
  • Master Rod – requires fishing level seven

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Most profitable fish to sell in Fae Farm: Spring and Summer

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If you're looking to make extra money, fishing can provide you with a steady income, especially in the early stages of the game.

The following fish can be found:


Sale price



20 Gold Florin

By the Docks and Eddy's shop, along the coast. Found in spring 

Rainbow Trout

35 Gold Florin

Within the upper streams and left of the Homestead. Usually, they emit a glow within the water. Found in spring and summer

River Cod

20 Gold Florin

Along the river-ways


35 Gold Florin

Available all year off the coast, during sunny weather


35 Gold Florin

Off the coast, dock area. Can be found all year and in any weather but is rare.


35 Gold Florin

Only found on the coast in rainy weather in spring.

Black Carp

20 Gold Florin

In rivers, a freshwater fish found in summer


35 Gold Florin

Freshwater fish, check the riverways. Usually found in warm weather, sunny days in summer.


20 Gold Florin

Found at the shore in summer

To sell any produce or items in Fae Farm, you simply need to click on any of the red tables in the Town Center and select the items you wish to sell. Then, at the end of the day, you will receive your money.

You can also purchase a stall from the Chairwoman of the Merchant's Guild, Pearl, for 2,000 Gold Florin. The stall can then be placed on your home lot meaning you can sell eight spaces worth of produce without having to journey into town each day.

That rounds off everything you need to know about upgrading tools in Fae Farm including which NPCs to visit, how to get Ore and craft Seals. For more Fae Farm content, visit our homepage or check out our Fae Farm farming guide with the best crops listed.

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