How to complete 'A Watery Wonder' in Fae Farm

How to complete 'A Watery Wonder' in Fae Farm
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If you're struggling with knowing where to get all the snacks for Neppy, needed to complete A Watery Wonder quest in Fae Farm, we have you covered. Soon after you arrive in Fae Farm, you'll notice that the cozy town has been plagued by whirlpools, stopping the citizens from trading with neighbouring ports.

As you journey through the game, completing quests for Cleo, you'll get to floor 25 of the mines and encounter what's causing the destruction. To find out how to get rid of the whirlpools in the game and how to complete the quest, read on.

SPOILER WARNING This guide contains story spoilers for Act Two of Fae Farm. Proceed at you're own risk to ensure details in the game remain a surprise.

Where to get all snacks for Neppy

As it transpires, the Whirlpools causing all the shipwrecks are a result of a curious water sprite called Neppy who didn’t realize the full implication of their actions.

Screenshot of Neppy in Fae Farm, the cause of the whirlpools
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Neppy agrees to stop the whirlpools but needs a massive amount of energy to complete the task. As a result, you'll need to gather the following items for Neppy and place them on the pedestals in the centre of the room.

Screenshot of a Sardine in Fae Farm
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  • Steamed Fish x5 – This can be cooked at a Cooking Hearth and requires Fish Fillet x2 (convert any fish at a Food Prep Table) and Fresh Greens x2 (convert Arugula at a Food Prep Table)
  • Sardine x3 - Sardines can be fished off the coast dock area. Can be found all year and in any weather but are rare. They are slimmer than Salmon and usually glow in the water
  • Diced Roots x20 – Place any root vegetable into a Food Prep Table Station (Turnips are a good choice as they only take 4 in-game days to grow). Food Prep Tables can be built with Beech Lumber x1 Copper Ingot x1, Stone Brick x2 and Oak Lumber x1, meaning you'll need access to a Forge and Lumber Station

Screenshot of Coral and Sand Dollars in Fae Farm
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  • Sand Dollar x10 - Can be found washed up on the beach coastline. Once picked more Sand Dollars will usually spawn after a couple of in-game days
  • Coral x10 – Can be found washed up on the beach coastline.

Once you've placed all of Neppy's snacks on the pedestals in the centre of the room, they will alight and Neppy will inform you that they will have a picnic the next day. This means you must wait one in-game day.

Once you go to sleep for the night you'll get a cut scene showing the whirlpools being cleared away by you and Neppy.

You'll gain access to the Vortex spell and Shipping Contracts will become available.

What are the Shipping Contracts?

New Shipping Contracts are posted each weekend, to check which are available visit the community board located within the Docks region of the map, outside the Merchant Guild headquarters where Pearl usually stands, left of the tavern.

Screenshot showing where to get Shipping Contracts in Fae Farm
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Here, there are several optional quests that are refreshed and offer a chance for more rewards. Usually, they entail delivering goods, crops, and products.

To fulfil a Shipping Contract, simply click on the board again when you have the goods in your inventory and deposit them.

To check on the status of your contract go to the quest menu and select the 'Jobs' tab.

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