How to upgrade tools in Fae Farm

How to upgrade tools in Fae Farm
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You'll need to know how to upgrade tools in Fae Farm if you wish to uncover more crafting materials and unlock all the recipes in the game.

We'll take you through the steps of upgrading your tools, including which NPCs to speak to, how to unlock the mines, where to find different Ore in Fae Farm including Iron Ore, and how to craft mining Seals to chart your progress through the mines.

Stay tuned, and afterward, you'll know everything you need to about mining in the game and unlocking the special powers of your tools to harvest even more materials.

Where can you upgrade tools in Fae Farm?

You can upgrade your tools at the Blacksmith, Cinder's shop. She is usually located below the Town Center near the Docks.

To get Fishing Rod upgrades, you'll need to visit Eddy at his place near the Stay-A-While Bay. To upgrade your Critter Net, you can visit Mel in the West Town area.

Upgrading tools unlock more materials and shorten the animation time of mining or clearing away trees. Iron tools will even have a power-up ability that allows you to gather a larger number of materials at once, saving both time and energy in the process.

This is particularly important for higher levels of the mine if you're looking to make as much progress as possible before going to sleep at 12 AM.

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Where can you get ore in Fae Farm?

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Most ore can be found by mining in the Saltwater Mines. You'll receive the key to the mines around day 6 of your playthrough from Cleo, once you have completed a few tutorial missions for Eddy, and learned how to fish and how to keep animals on your homestead.

Once you have the key, head to the mines southeast on the map, and break open rock clusters with your pickaxe. As you defeat enemies with your staff and clear rocks, you'll uncover switches.

Walk over the switches to open the door which will then lead to the next level of the mine.

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Screenshot of where to find iron ore in Fae Farm
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The following types of ore and other materials can be found in the initial mining levels:

  • Silt – from dirt piles from level one onwards
  • Copper Ore – found from mining copper-coloured rock formations from floor two onwards but has a better chance of spawning from level 6
  • Clay – found from mining light brown rocks, from floor one onwards
  • Stone – light grey rocks, floor one onwards
  • Coal – dark grey rocks, floor one onwards
  • Iron Ore – can be found within dark grey rock piles from floor ten of the mine onwards. They look very similar to coal lumps but are larger in scale
  • Rough Citrine – most common from level eight onwards
  • Rough Peridot – more common from level 12 onwards
  • Rough Topaz – found from floor 21 of the mines onwards

Once you have cleared floors and placed a Seal at the entrance of each one, you can access your Dungeon Tracker via the main menu. This will tell you how common resources are on different floors so you can target and farm the resources you need.

It is worth noting that you will only be able to explore up to floor 15 of the mine until you complete the Magical Tool Hacks quest for Cleo. This quest entails upgrading your pickaxe to an iron pickaxe and using the special magical ability (hold F to charge up your pickaxe).

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How to craft mining Seals in Fae Farm

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Each day the mines will reset, and you'll lose your progress meaning you'll have to start from floor one again. This is unless you use Seals to chart your progress.

On each floor of the mine is a pedestal where you can place a Seal. Interacting with these pedestals will transport you to your last cleared floor.

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To make Seals in Fae Farm you'll need to first craft the Seal Crafting Station which will require 20 Stone and 10 Copper Ore, common enough on the first few mining levels.

Once you have the Seal Crafting Station you can get to crafting some of the numerous types of Seals available. To start with, the first few floors of the mine require Copper Seals, thereafter different floors will require different types of Seals so make sure you check and prepare ahead of a mining trip which ones you need.

That rounds off everything you need to know about upgrading tools in Fae Farm including which NPCs to visit, how to get Ore and craft Seals. For more Fae Farm content, visit our homepage or check out our Fae Farm farming guide with the best crops listed.

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