F1 Manager 2023: Release date, platforms, new gameplay features, editions & more

F1 Manager 2023: Release date, platforms, new gameplay features, editions & more
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It’s time to retake that seat on the proverbial pit wall as F1 Manager 2023 is racing towards us at lightning speed. Filled with improvements and new gameplay additions over last year’s release, F1 Manager 2023 promises to deliver on many of the shortfalls that 2022’s game had.

Once again, this racing strategy simulator is developed by the team at Frontier, which is renowned for making some of the best sim games in the business. But what surprises has the team got in store for players this year?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about F1 Manager 2023, including the release date, release platforms, new gameplay features, and much more.

What is the F1 Manager 2023 release date?

Gameplay screenshot from F1 Manager 23 riding on board with an Aston Martin
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The release date for F1 Manager 2023 is currently set as July 31 2023. So, that’s not long at all until we can don our headsets and start planning our perfect Formula 1 season.

However, there is a way to play F1 Manager 2023 a little earlier than the official release date. Players that preorder the Deluxe Edition will earn four days of early access. This early access release date would appear to be Friday, July 28 2023.

In addition, this release date is only for the digital version of the game. A physical release of F1 Manager 2023 will occur later in the year, but there is no confirmed release date for that just yet.

  • We don't know if F1 Manager 2023 is multiplayer yet, but find out if F1 Manager 2022 had that functionality here.

What platforms will F1 Manager 2023 release on?

Allocating resources in the F1 Manager 23 wind tunnel
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F1 Manager 2023 will release on most console platforms, as well as PC. Here is the full list of confirmed platforms so far:

  • PC
  • PS5
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PS4
  • Xbox One

There is currently no confirmation whether F1 Manager 2023 will release on MacOS alongside its PC port. We will update this guide if this changes.

All F1 Manager 2023 trailers

Currently, there are only two trailers for F1 Manager 2023. The first arrived in May 2023, announcing that the game was coming later this year. It doesn’t feature any gameplay, instead opting for CG elements with some voice-over explaining what it means to be an F1 Team Principal.

This is also the first time that we get a glimpse of the game’s key art, showing Toto Wolff, Christian Horner, and Gunther Steiner alongside the F1 Manager 2023 logo. It’s yet to be confirmed whether they will also feature on the game’s box art, similar to how the F1 drivers appear on the EA Sports F1 games.

The second trailer came in the form of a pre-order trailer in June 2023. This time, we do get an actual glimpse of gameplay, alongside an explanation of some of the new features coming in F1 Manager 2023.

There’s also some clarification as to what players can expect when they pre-order either the standard digital edition or the digital deluxe edition.

All F1 Manager editions explained: Digital vs Digital Deluxe & price

Riding on board with a Red Bull in F1 Manager 23
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There are a couple of editions for players to choose from when purchasing F1 Manager 2023, each of which has different benefits. Here they all are so you can make the best purchase decision:


Pre-Order Content



Three unique Race Moment scenarios


Digital Deluxe

Four days early access, three unique Race Moment scarios


New gameplay features in F1 Manager 2023

Footage showing a Red Bull and a Ferrari fighting it out in Baku in F1 Manager 23
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F1 Manager 2023 promises plenty of new gameplay additions on top of what was already offered in the last game.

Race Replay Mode

One of the bigger new features is Race Replay Mode - a feature that lets players relive key moments from the actual 2023 Formula 1 championship.

There are two types of Race Replay to choose from - Starting Grid and Race Moments. In Starting Grid, players can command a replication of a race with the same weather conditions and starting grid as it was in the real-world championship.

Alternatively, Race Moments put players in the shoes of a Team Principal during a critical moment of an actual Grand Prix. With objectives to complete before the chequered flag waves, it’s a new way for players to engage themselves that ties directly into the current F1 championship.

What’s more, new Race Replay scenarios are scheduled to be added to F1 Manager 2023 throughout the rest of the year as the 2023 championship continues. So, there should be plenty of new content to keep the game updated for the months to come.

Visor Camera

The last F1 Manager game looked stunning visually, and F1 Manager 2023 is no different. Another new addition is the brand new Visor Camera, which lets you see the race track through the helmet of your drivers this time around. You might not be driving the cars yourself, but it’s just as immersive.

Fully Simulated F2 and F3 Championships

Scouting for new talent is more interesting than ever before, with both the F2 and F3 championships being fully simulated alongside your own F1 races. This means that you can scout out new drivers in all new ways, checking out their performance as the season progresses and using that information to make key decisions.

That’s everything you need to know about F1 Manager 2023 so far. For more F1 Manager guides, keep reading GGRecon.

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