Expeditions Rome Caesar's Journal Quest: How To Get The Journal

Expeditions Rome Caesar's Journal Quest: How To Get The Journal
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The Expeditions: Rome Caesar's Journal quest is one of the first side quests you'll come across, and introduces you to a key mechanic relating to the game's dialogue. The newest RPG in the Expeditions series takes player's back to Ancient Rome, even letting you meet histories most important people - such as Julius Caesar. It's not a particularly hard quest in the grand scheme of Expeditions: Rome, but it can be easy to fail if you don't handle it correctly, so if you require a breakdown of the Expeditions: Rome Caesar's Journal quest and how to solve it, we've got you covered. 

Expeditions: Rome Caesar's Journal Quest: Starting The Quest

Expeditions: Rome Caesar's Journal beginning
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The Expeditions: Rome Caesar's Journal quest can be picked up very early after you arrive in Lesbos. Talk to Lucullus in the main tent to begin the Trial By Fire quest, and then speak to Gaius Julius Cesar who is positioned opposite. Cycle through some dialogue options, and he will ask for your help with a personal matter regarding his private journal.

He informs you that some centuriones stole his journal, and points out the one who did it, before asking you to retrieve it. He also specifically asks that you don't read it, before ending the dialogue, so you can go visit the thief.

From here, head out of the main tent and walk to the right side, where the centurione can be found just in front of the camp blacksmith called Sextus. Speak to the thief, who is named Agrippa, and say you're here to retrieve Caesar's journal. Next, there will be two dialogue options to move forward, but if you wish to respect Caesar's privacy, tell Agrippa to hand it over, otherwise you can ask him what's written inside. 

Regardless of what you end up selecting (unless you end the conversation and let Agrippa keep it), you will have two main options of acquiring the journal. You can either use the logos rhetorical style, or pay 300 denarii.

Expeditions: Rome Caesar's Journal Quest: How To Get The Journal

Expeditions: Rome Caesar's Journal Quest Agrippa
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When creating your character you have the option to select a rhetorical style between ethos, logos, and pathos. Logos is the one you can use in this particular conversation, and it lets you convince Agrippa to hand over the journal, so you can give it back to Caesar. The option will be greyed out though if you don't have the logos trait.

If you do not have the logos rhetorical style, you can still acquire the journal, but it will require some coin instead. Spending 300 denarii will make Agrippa hand it over to you, but early on in the game this can be a decent chunk of coin to get rid of.

Expeditions: Rome Caesar's Journal Quest: Returning The Journal

Once you have taken the journal back from Agrippa, returning to Caesar also gives you a few options. You will return it to him regardless, but he will ask how you acquired it, to which you can be honest or lie. Saying you spent 300 denarii will allow you to ask him to compensate you, so you can gain some extra coin or get back the money you spent.

He will then ask if you read the journal. If you let Agrippa read it aloud and then tell Caesar you didn't read the journal, he will call you out for lying, but won't if you tell him the truth. You can also be honest about reading it, and essentially call him weird. The most optimal route through the quest therefore, is to convince Agrippa to give back the journal with logos, and then ask Caesar to compensate you with 300 denarii.

That's our walkthrough of the Expeditions: Rome Caesar's Journal quest, and now you know all the outcomes and how to navigate the quest.

We also have a guide for the Expeditions: Rome Olympian quest, which happens soon after.


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