Escape From Tarkov TarkovTV New Content

Escape From Tarkov TarkovTV New Content
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12th Aug 2022 16:04

If you didn't manage to catch it, you might be wondering what the Escape From Tarkov TarkovTV new content is, as there was quite a lot announced during the latest episode of the video podcast. As Escape From Tarkov is still in beta, they are constantly adding new things to the game, and there is plenty for fans to be excited about. So, for all of the Escape From Tarkov TarkovTV new content, make sure to carry on reading.

Escape From Tarkov TarkovTV New Content

Escape From Tarkov TarkovTV new content list
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There was a lot that was discussed during the latest episode of TarkovTV, from new guns, map updates, release information, and more. Here's a full list of the Escape From Tarkov TarkovTV new content that was generally discussed:

  • Streets of Tarkov
  • In-game updates
  • New guns
  • Arena
  • Anti-cheat

Streets Of Tarkov Updates

The long-awaited map Streets of Tarkov continued to get updates, with a couple of new screenshots, details about the size, and some release information.

There were a total of 22 screenshots released of the map, giving a closer look into the various points of interest you might frequent when playing. It seems like there is a variety of different buildings on the map, many of which seem entirely explorable, and it really does seem like it will be close to the size many players are expecting.

Relating to the size of the map, Battlestate Games plan for there to be 30-40 players on the map each raid, as otherwise, they claim it would feel empty if there was any less. This is a significant increase over any of the existing maps, so it immediately appears to be a rather unique experience.

Finally, they stated that Streets of Tarkov will arrive in the 0.13 patch, which is a bit less specific than you might think. Some players are hopefully expecting that to be with the next Escape From Tarkov wipe, but as we are currently in, it could be at least a couple more wipes until we see it arrive.

In-Game Updates

A plethora of various in-game updates were discussed in the latest episode of TarkovTV, with some seeming a bit more concrete than others. 

Firstly, one of the main game changes that was shown was the ability to buff armour and guns through the use of repair kits. While not huge, the buffs were things like reduced malfunction chance for weapons, and increased protection against initial penetration for armour. Many players aren't hugely happy with this proposed change, as they argue that it detracts from the hardcore realism of the game, but no one can really judge until it actually makes its way to the game.

Next up, big audio changes were announced, as BSG stated that they are moving away from Steam audio to something else that is currently undefined. This has been one of the biggest requests from fans of the game, as many claim that not only is the audio unreliable more often than not, audio bugs plague far too many raids.

A rework to the Charisma skill is also planned, and while we don't know too much of the specifics at this current time, it is supposedly meant to change how you interact with and influence the various traders in the game. This could be as simple as a discount, but could turn out to be far more interesting than that.

The rest of the in-game updates were more speculative, and were either not coming in the immediate future, or more conceptual at this point in time. Additions to the game like a gym in the Hideout, and seasonal weather are sure to provide new ways to play, alongside movement features like vaulting and climbing.


Additionally, it was also mentioned that they are thinking of more ways for your character to react after being shot. Talks of falling down after being shot in the legs, or an entire mechanic surrounding being knocked out offer very interesting ideas for the future of the game. 

New Guns

Three new guns were shown as part of the latest episode of TarkovTV, and they are certainly going to excite large portions of the player base with more potential ways to take down scavs and other PMCs.

The revealed weapon was the AUG, which players will most certainly be familiar with if they've played any other major shooter released in the past 15 years. It looks to have an integrated sight, but also a fair amount of recoil. We doubt that the recoil will dissuade many players from using it though, as it is bound to be a fan favourite for its history alone.

What we can presume is the SR-2 Veresk was the other primary weapon shown, and it looks to be an absolute monster. It seems to have very little recoil, an insanely fast fire rate, and will most likely fire 9x21mm rounds which are, at the moment, incredibly powerful. It won't be surprising if this shoots its way up right to the top of the meta.

Finally, while not a new gun per se, the Glock 18C was shown to receive a handful of new animations, and the ability to change the iron sights, which will hopefully help it be a bit more usable in-game.


The Escape From Tarkov Arena game mode did get a small update, but it was a bit less than fans were hoping for. BSG confirmed that four maps (or arenas) will arrive with the game mode on its release, with more to be added in the future. We still have no news for a release date, even for the testing period, but we will hopefully find out more soon.

Anti Cheat

One of the most heated discussions in the Escape From Tarkov community right now is the supposedly high amount of cheating and hackers in the game since the 12.12.30 wipe. Players have been begging for BSG to do something, and proposing a change of anti-cheat, but the developers claim that 'there is no better than Battleye and our own system working together', and that they are fighting cheaters as much as they can.

This is probably not the answer that many fans are looking for, but it is an understandably challenging uphill battle for developers against cheaters that can seem futile at the best of times. Let's hope that small changes in the future can aid in the reduction of hacking in the game, and make for a better experience overall. 

So, that wraps up all of the Escape From Tarkov TarkovTV new content that was shown, saving you the trouble of trawling through the whole broadcast. Some Escape From Tarkov promo codes were shown too, so if you don't want to miss any of them in the future, make sure to check out our guide.

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