All Elona Mobile codes, how to redeem Scrolls & Tokens

All Elona Mobile codes, how to redeem Scrolls & Tokens
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Elona Mobile is the cutest little pixel RPG, where you can become everything from a Fairy Wizard to a Vampire Pianist (that's the class I play as), and codes can be used to help with your in-game progression.

The chibi art style of Elona Mobile is an absolute treat, with fun characters to interact with in the Roguelike and a lovely little musical score. But if you haven't got all the time in the world to while away in the game, codes can help you out in a pinch.

Active Elona Mobile codes

There are currently four different codes that can be redeemed in Elona Mobile, providing varying amounts of Blue and Purple Tokens, Scrolls of Inferior Materials, and more useful commodities for your adventure:

Code Reward


Scroll of Superior Material, Scroll of Flying, Magus Scroll, 10 Blue Tokens, Garok's Hammer 


10 Blue Tokens, 5 Purple Tokens, Garok’s Hammer


Scroll of Flying, Magus Scroll, Drill


Scroll of Inferior Material, Scroll of Charge Material, Scroll of Superior Material, Scroll of Greater Enchant Weapon, Scroll of Greater Enchant Armour

You won't be able to use these codes in-game right from the offset, as you'll need to play through the tutorial in the little cave before you arrive in Vernis and can access the Cyber Dome.

From my own time with the game, though, this isn't something that takes too long, with Lomias taking you through the initial controls in about five minutes or so.

How to redeem codes

Screenshot showing the code redemption box in Elona Mobile
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As mentioned, the process for redeeming codes here isn't quite as straightforward as other games out there, but once you've made your way to Vernis and have gotten through the cutscene with the guard (did you hand over gold? I didn't!), follow these steps:

  • After speaking with the guard, head back up from where you came to the circular icon with two upward-facing arrows
  • This will take you to what I'm calling the 'overworld', where you'll see your character standing by a house (that's Vernis)
  • Use the directional keys on your screen to wander southwest
  • You'll see the Cyber Dome - walk towards it and stop by the door
  • Once you're inside, head to the green Shabby Delivery Box shown in the image above and press the interact button (the circle with two arrows facing away from one another)
  • Now, it's just a case of entering the codes above in the exact way that they're written

If you've been successful, a pop-up will appear on-screen like the one below, detailing what loot you got!


Image showing the rewards from a successful code redemption in Elona Mobile
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