Elden Ring Millicent: How To Complete Gowry and Millicent’s Quest

Elden Ring Millicent: How To Complete Gowry and Millicent’s Quest
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The Elden Ring Millicent quest, like many of the other significant quests in the Lands Between, spans much of the game and can have consequences for the ending. Elden Ring side quests can be difficult to keep on top of - a lack of any signposting or guidance means you will have to find important characters like Gowry and Millicent yourself. Fret not, we have done the hard work for you and we have all the details here, in Elden Ring Millicent: How To Complete Gowry and Millicent’s Quest.

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Elden Ring Millicent Quest: Helping Gowry

Elden Ring Millicent: helping gowry
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This quest begins with Gowry. You can find him at his shack, south of Sellia in Caelid. He will tell you about Millicent and how he wants you to help her. To do this, head west into Aeonia Swamp and take down Commander O’Neill. He will drop the unalloyed needle.

Bring the needle back to Gowry, then rest at a site of grace to pass time. Return to Gowry and the needle will be fixed. Now, take the needle up the cliff to the east. You will find Millicent at the Church of the Plague. Give it to her, allow her to use it, then meet her back at Gowry’s Shack.

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Elden Ring Millicent Quest: In The Altus Plateau

Elden Ring Millicent: in the altus plateau
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The next section of the quest happens in the Altus Plateau. If you haven’t gotten here yet, grab the medallion halves from Fort Faroth and Fort Haight to activate the Grand Lift of Dectus. From the top of the lift, go north to the Erdtree Grazing Hill site of grace. Millicent can be found just east of here. Speak with her to progress the quest.

She needs a replacement arm, and you are going to get it for her. To find one, head east down into the valley then north through the gap. You will come out into a clearing with the Shaded Castle just ahead. Use the rocks on the right side to get onto the castle wall, then head to the west side of the castle. In a room behind a knight, you will find a Valkyrie Prosthesis in a chest. Grab it and bring it back to Millicent to get her back in fighting shape.

For your next meeting with Millicent, you need to head to the Windmill Village. This place is in the north of the Altus Plateau, head east from Erdtree Grazing Hill then north when you see windmills. Among them, you will encounter the Godskin Apostle. Defeat this boss, then sit at the site of grace. When you do, Millicent will appear nearby. Speak with her to complete this section of her questline. Next, we are headed to the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Elden Ring Millicent Quest: In The Mountains

Elden Ring Millicent: in the mountains
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For the rest of this quest, you need access to the Mountaintops of the Giants. For this, you need to defeat Morgott, The Omen King in Leyndell. Use the medallion you get from the fight at the Grand Lift of Rold to reach this new region. A short way into this area you will come to the Snow Valley Ruins. Millicent will be waiting here, so speak with her. She tells you that she needs a medallion from a fort to the north. Follow the road north, go west along the river then around the corner to the right. This will bring you to Castle Sol, the fort Millicent mentioned.

Now you need to clear the fort out, make your way to the top and defeat the boss here. Beyond the boss room, cross a bridge and take the elevator up. At the top, you will receive only the left half of the medallion you need.


The right half is back in Liurnia, in the Village of the Albinaurics. This hidden village is southwest of Raya Lucaria, under the giant natural rock structure. Go to the village, make your way into the centre then go southwest up the hill. There is an enemy mage there, deal with him then break the pots in the corner. In one of them you will find Albus, who will give you the other half of the medallion.

Return to the bottom of the Grand Lift of Rold and use this secret medallion to activate it. This time, you will be brought to the hidden entrance to the Haligtree. Head through the tunnel then go north to Ordina, Liturgical Town. Ordina is a strange little place, with a puzzle to be solved. In the north of the town, there is a large set of stairs to a blocked door.

To unblock the way, go west of the bottom of the stairs and enter the Evergaol. This place is identical to the Town, but you have to light flames at four shrines around town to progress. Run around the town, climb the ladders to rooftops and you will soon find the shrines. Once all four are lit, return to the normal world and climb the stairs to find a teleporter. Activate it and you will be brought to Miquella’s Haligtree.

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Elden Ring Millicent Quest: Around The Haligtree

Elden Ring Millicent: to the haligtree
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You will begin here at the Haligtree Canopy site of grace. From here, you need to make your way down the branches and into Haligtree Town. Progress through the town until you come to the Prayer Room. Here you will find a site of grace, and also be able to speak with Millicent. She will explain her reasons for being here, she seeks to meet Malenia, as she believes they are related.

Continue through the Haligtree area until you find the Epheal’s Inner Wall site of grace, in the underground of the north of the region. From here, go down the stairs, down the hall and up onto the giant roots. Follow the roots into a large, open space. You will be on a side with brown, rotting water, and across you will see a plateau filled with white flowers. Make use of the giant branches to cross the gap and get to the flower area. Be careful, once you get close to the centre of this area a giant rot worm will spring up, so be ready to fight it. Once the rot worm is dead, you have a choice.

There are two summon signs on the ground here. One is to challenge Millicent, the other is to aid her. Millicent will have to fight several Sacred Sisters. Your choice is to help her fight them, or to fight her yourself. If you fight and kill her, you will get rewards such as her prosthesis which grants extra dexterity. However, this ends the quest early. What you really should do is help her. Join her in the fight and defeat the sisters.

After, you will be returned to your own world. Millicent can now be found at the base of the little hill here. Be warned, many players have reported accidentally killing her here by jumping down and landing on her. Be cautious in your approach, and speak with her. She will tell you she has decided to remove the needle and allow the rot to take her life.

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Elden Ring Millicent Quest: The Final Steps

Elden Ring Millicent: final steps
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To finish the quest, leave then return to where Millicent died. You will find the needle where she was. Take it and bring it with you to the end of the Halligtree region, the boss fight with Malenia. Once Malenia is defeated, leave and come back to her boss room. Use the needle on the large… hair thing, in the room and it will turn into Miquella’s Needle.

Miquella’s Needle is an item that, when in your possession at the end of the game, can be used to change the outcome of the ending. We won’t spoil that here, mostly because we haven’t gotten that far, but it is confirmed to serve that purpose.

The last thing you can do before the end is return to Gowry. He is still in his shack and can be found mourning the loss of his daughter.

That is it, the entirety of Millicent’s long and impactful quest in Elden Ring. For more on the game, why not check out Elden Ring Ranni: How To Complete Ranni’s Quest And Get The Moonlight Greatsword.


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